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  • testament low albumundeki hizli ve de tatli thrash parcalardan biridir.
  • bildiğimiz ave maria. kendi başlığında da yazıyor olmasına rağmen buraya da ingilizce olarak yeniden geçirmek isterim:

    hail mary full of grace
    the lord is with thee
    blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, jesus
    holy mary, mother of god
    pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death

    "fruit of thy womb" tamlaması beni çok rahatsız ediyor, bulvar gazetesi ağzı gibi geliyor. yalnız değilmişim amelie'de karakterlerden hangisi olduğunu hatırlayamadığım bir kadıncağız da buna uyuz oluyordu, tamamen haklıydı.
  • 2pacın güzel bir şarkısı ... klibinde kendisi görülmez ... makaveli mezardan çıkarak kendini öldürenlerden intikam alır ilginç bir klibi var ... 7 day theoryi güçlendirir gibi sanki ...
  • ja rule malının yaptığı loose change isimli şarkıdan sonra eminem ve 50 centin kendisine yanıt vermek için yaptıkları süper şarkı ...
    edit : sözlerin bir kısmı widowmaker tarafından düzeltilmiş şarkıdır ...

    intro - eminem:
    makaveli, rest in peace
    irv gotti, too much bacardi in his body
    blows like a 12 guage shotty
    feel me
    and this bitch said he should be
    the lost forgotten seed of tupac
    to lead this industry into the way of the man
    follow me
    be my mash fest at pac's fest

    chorus - eminem:
    come get me, motherfucker
    if you want shady, if pac was still here now
    he would never ride with ja
    na na na na na na na na

    verse 1 - eminem:
    you ain't no killer, you a pussy
    that ecstasy done got you all emotional and mushy
    bitches wearin rags in photos, ja's words being quoted
    in the source stealing pac's shit like he just wrote it
    you loudmouth, pray to god hoping no one's listening
    see 50 coming for me, oh my god ma, my position
    no one'll pay attention to me, please gotti
    here i go, give me this pill
    ecstasy done got me feelin so intensive [???]
    all a sudden i'm a fucking mad man who screams like i'm pac
    but i'm not, enemies, hennessy
    acting like i'm great, but i'm fake, i'm crazy
    sweat drip get me off this trip someone stop this train
    some say my brain is all corrupted fuck this shit
    i suck, i'm addicted to these drugs i'ma quit
    saying motherfuckers names before somebody fucks me up
    ain't no pussies over here partner, see you in hell

    chorus - eminem:
    come get me, motherfucker
    if you want shady, if pac was still here now
    he would never ride with ja
    na na na na na na na na
    get off that e
    'fore you try to come and fuck shady "fuck with me"
    it's aftermath getting down, shady records got it locked
    la la la la la la la la

    verse 2 - 50 cent:
    penitentiaries is packed wit promise makers
    never realize the precious time that bitch niggas is wasting
    institutionalized my bitches bring me product by the bundle
    hustle hard for my sale, g-unit motherfucker, we balling
    catch me counting cheese and when i'm callin, do you accept my calls?
    still let me sip on hennessy, can i sip some more?
    hell, i done been to jail, i ain't scared
    mama checking in my bedroom, i ain't there
    i got a head with no screws in it
    motherfuckers thinking they can stop 50
    they losing it
    little nigga named ja
    think he live like me
    talking about he left the hospital took nine like me
    you live in fantasies nigga
    i been checking your deposit
    when your little sweet ass gonna come out of the closet?
    now he wonderin why dmx blowed him out
    next time grown folks talking
    bitch, close your mouth
    peep me i take this war shit deeply
    done seen too many real niggas ball to let these bitch niggas beat me
    black child, you's a motherfucking punk and you'll see me with gloves
    quit scaring them fucking kids with your ugly ass mug
    and you can tell them niggas you roll wit whatever you want
    but you and i know what's going on
    nigga payback
    tah, i know your bitch ass from way back
    witness me strap the mac
    knew i don't play that
    all these old rappers trying to advance
    it's all over now take it like a man [laughs]
    irv looking like larry holmes, flabby and sick
    trying to playa hate on my shit
    eat a fat dick
    loving this shit, that's how you made me
    feeling like i got you niggas crazy
    uh huh, against all odds
    hoping my thug motherfuckers know
    this be the realest shit i ever wrote
    against all odds
  • ja rulea ayar veren parçanın 3.kısmında busta rhymes tarafından söylenen kısım aşağıdaki gibidir:

    verse 3 - busta rhymes
    hey yo i been one of the most humble
    rep the streets to the core
    hey jeffrey, what the fuck you comin involvin me for
    its been a long time comin like a blessin to check you
    see 106 and park fans dont even fucking respect you
    its kind of funny wannabe pac when he a fake thug(???)
    runnin around talkin fuck that he aint capable of
    now let me off this cocksucker
    watch me handle you nigga
    if i recall violator used to manage you nigga
    then took a closer look and realized you were an imposter
    theres never been a violator on a murder inc roster dumbass
    now whos shootin....awww made ya look
    you said bus singing the same ol hook?
    you stupid if ya'll shootin i'll take a look at yo man
    the bitch shot himself in front of def jam
    cheddar bob ass niggaz start adjustin your plans
    you let the streets down nigga apologize to yo fans
    watch you pull a lil stunt like we aint no one anymore
    lil faggot that be desperate tryin while we tryin establish a buzz(????)
    i know the fuck is drivin you crazy you be wondering how
    the streets aint never wanted you beatrice
    what you gonna do now?
    now if you wanna beef with me then im gonna beef with you
    i think about the game and
    what it would be without you ... (ja rule vokali ile söylüyor burda)
    you finished i aint tryin to repeat this
    just cuz im cool you shouldnt take my kindness for weakness
  • (bkz: body guard)
  • testament ın low albümünden muhteşem bir şarkı...
    sözleri şöyledir;

    i am alive
    i feel dirt in my eyes
    there's no escape when redemption is lost
    i'm not a saint
    there's no use to looking
    no sins to deny
    just my will to go on

    armas of darkness
    embrace me in madness
    in my life it's mandatory
    hard to resist you
    i still can't forgive you
    for sins that i cannot wash away

    hail mary full of grace
    throw some light upon this race
    intertwining final breath
    now... in the hour of death

    bound by the lies
    of constant denial
    pay for my sins that i bear for a child
    i'm not a saint
    there's no use denying
    falling from grace
    is my reason to go on

    hail mary full of grace
    put me down, and kick me in my face
    intertwining final breath
    now... in the hour of death
  • live at the fillmore albümündeki versiyonun çok gaz olduğu bi testament parçası. ama nedendir bilmem bana aynı zamanda çok hüzünlü gelir.
  • 2pac 7 day theory adlı albümde birbirinden güzel parçalar içinde en güzeli. tüyleri diken diken eder. bu parçayı dinledikten sonra o kadar çok yapılacak şey vardır ki.
  • 2. verse'ı insanı alıp götüren ayrı bir tupac şarkısı.