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    hamas's supporters are also a bundle of different constituencies. an anecdote best illustrates this loose aggregation of support: one evening at the beginning of the second intifada, in a cafe in ramallah (a small city ten miles north of jerusalem and hub to most of the palestinian authority institutions for the west bank), two young men met after their jobs had taken them to different regions of the west bank. six years had passed since they last saw each other in jenin, a city in the north of the occupied palestinian territories. the younger man, twenty-two years old, says he has become a militant in hamas, but when he orders a drink, not only does he order a beer (a strange thing for an islamist militant, who should be keen to follow religious precepts and therefore not drink alcohol, which is forbidden in islam), but he even orders an israeli beer (a maccabee). baffled again because all palestinians agree that an effective way to pressure israel is to boycott israeli products and consume a palestinian beer, the first young man, who has remained faithful to fatah, asks him why he would order an israeli beer and not a locally brewed one. he replies in hebrew: "if you drink maccabee, you will have friends" [yesh maccabee yesh haverim]. this was the line of an ad that was aired everywhere on israeli tv in the 1990s.

    this anecdote captures the estrangement felt by palestinian youth, who are in search of virtual friends in a world of closure and whose horizon is confined to their place of residence because of the security wall that israel has had in place since 2003. ıt also illustrates the volatility of political affiliation in the occupied palestinian territories. many people have shifted adherence according to the overall context and to the type of solution advocated vis-a-vis israel by palestinian factions. when the p.a. was suffering from corruption under fatah, many people, especially younger ones, turned to hamas, which they considered to be more prone to respond effectively to the ongoing struggle. at a later stage, people might also easily defect from hamas's ranks and join an opposition party. in other words, adherence to an islamist faction is by no means an expression of cultural determinism but is constrained by many complex factors.

    kaynak: challand, benoit. 2013. "palestinian authority." in the middle east [13th edition], ed. ellen lust. los angeles: cq press. pp. 688-716: 697-698.

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    aynı konuda bir diğer kaynak için bkz.: kashmin, roni. 2017. an ısraeli bar put a palestinian beer on tap. then the depressingly expected happened. feb 9.

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