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  • obur dunya - (bkz: hell)
  • (bkz: mud)'dan bozup (bkz: bbs) yapmi$lar..
  • bryan adams abimizin so far so good albümünden son derece huzur verici bir şarkısı. hatta sözleri de şöyledir ki,

    oh - thinkin' about all our younger years
    there was only you and me
    we were young and wild and free
    now nothin' can take you away from me
    we've been down that road before
    but that's over now
    you keep me comin' back for more


    baby you're all that i want
    when you're lyin' here in my arms
    i'm findin' it hard to believe
    we're in heaven
    and love is all that i need
    and i found it here in your heart
    it isn't too hard to see
    we're in heaven

    oh - once in your life you find someone
    who will turn your world around
    bring you up when you're feelin' down
    ya-nothin' could change what you mean to me
    oh there's lots that i could say
    but just hold me now
    cause our love will light the way


    i've been waitin' for so long
    for somethin' to arrive
    for love to come along
    now our dreams are comin' true
    through the good times and the bad
    ya - i'll be standin' there by you
  • alman yönetmen tom tykwer (bkz: run lola run) tarafından yönetilmiş giovanni ribisi ve cate blanchett ı the gift ten sonra tekrar bir arada izleme olanağı bulunacak olan film.
    miramax filmin üçleme olarak çekilmesinden yanaymış heaven, hell ve purgatory olmak üzere.
    ayrıca film kieslowski'nin senaryosundan sahneye geçiriliyormuş. (bkz: merakla bekliyoruz)
  • yeni bir suser.
  • kenan doğuluyu sevdiği entrylerinden anlaşılan yeni suser.
  • bir kamelot parçası.

    look towards the sea tell me,
    what do you see?
    will you know what it is when you have found it?
    you searched high above and you searched far below
    but it still seems so far and you know it
    time - it dwindles away
    there's a clock on the wall
    and it seems to be calling your name
    you hide, but you can't run away
    he'll be right there behind you
    reminding you it's not a game
    i will conquer the beast and i'll swim the seven seas
    and my heart will still beat and i'll never give up
    i will walk desert plains and endure gruelling pain
    and my heart will still beat and i never give up
    heaven is a heartbeat away for your dreams of
    tomorrow could very well end today
    heaven is a heartbeat away for your dreams of
    tomorrow could very well end today
  • içindeki o tiz seslere hasta olduğum, lamb in her zamanki gibi kendine daha bir hayran ettiği parçası.
  • lamb'in insani kendi ekseni etrafinda donmeye, donmeye, donmeye iten * parcasi.
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