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  • 3 aralık 2018'de intihar eden 22 ocak 1989 doğumlu fin vokal. söylediği gruplar: gorephilia, goretexx

    bir de intihardan önce facebook hesabından bir intihar notu paylaşmıştır:

    "i am sorry to all of you who i've met and dealt with. i have been a massive junkie and an alcoholic for the better part of 10 years. i have stolen from my friends and my workplace. i have neglected my family and friends to use drugs. that is why i've been so distant. i have been abusing women with my status as a "scene figure", more than once. this has been to cover my inabilities as a man.

    this path and my involvement with drugs alcohol, tobacco and such has to end.

    while many of you hold me in high regard as a person, i am not a good one, and should be avoided at all cost.

    as a lowlife scum like this, i will never take part in a black metal project or band, and will avoid the scene and the people in it. i do not posess the willpower to do black metal, and i never have. i have been posing as something i'm not for a long time. it is time to end it now.