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  • blackmores night parcasi. kulaga okuz gibi tanidik gelen bir beste, live tadi vermi$ler gayet de $ik olmu$, dinlenesi olmu$. (bkz: fires at midnight)
  • uzun bir tatil sonrasi eve donuldugunde soylenen laf.
  • dancing in the moonlight...singing in the rain... oh it's good to be back...home again.
    (bkz: blackmore's night) 'in 3 albumu fires at midnight'in 4. sarkisi. albumdeki en iyi sarki degil ama yine bir blackmore's night tinisi, yine bir blackmore's night albumu...
  • pink floyd'un dark side of the moon albümündeki breath reprise'ın ilk sözü

    (bkz: home home again)
  • carole kingin de ayni isimde bir sarkisi vardir. sozleri de soyledir:

    sometimes i wonder
    if i'm ever gonna make it home again
    it's so far and out of sight

    i really need someone to talk to
    and nobody else knows how to comfort me tonight

    snow is cold, rain is wet
    chills my soul right to the marrow

    i won't be happy
    till i see you alone again
    till i'm home again and feeling right

    i wanna be home again and feeling right.
  • i've been many places
    i've traveled 'round the world
    always on the search for something new
    but what does it matter
    when all the roads i've crossed
    always seem to return to you…

    old familiar faces
    everyone you meet
    following the ways of the land
    cobblestones and lanterns
    lining every street
    calling me to come home again

    dancing in the moonlight
    singing in the rain
    oh, it's good to be back home again
    laughing in the sunlight
    running down the lane
    oh, it's good to be back home again

    when you play with fire
    sometimes you get burned
    it happens when you take a chance* or two
    but time is never wasted
    when you've lived and learned
    and it time it comes back to you…

    and when i got weary
    i'd sit a while and rest
    memories invading my mind
    all the things i'd treasured
    the ones i'd loved the best
    were the things that i'd left behind…
  • ilk 10 saniyesi dinlendiginde damage, inc. mi bu simdi nasil yani dedirtebilecek unbelievable truth sarkisi.. sorrythankyou'dan imis..
  • thyrfing'in 2000 yılında çıkardığı urkraft adlı albümün 4. parçası. 7 dk 44 sn sürer, thyrfing'in en güzel parçalarından biridir. thyrfing'in nadir uzun gitar sololarından biri bu şarkıda bulunur. sözlerinde uzun yıllar denizde kaldıktan sonra köyüne dönen bir viking ve onun düşünceleri, ülkelesinin ne kadar güzel olduğu (ve bu arada pastoral milliyetçilik anlayışı) anlatılır.
  • the auteurs şarkısı. sözleri şöyledir.

    home again
    housesitting again
    rifle through
    your possessions and stuff
    things that you
    are ashamed of
    home again,
    housesitting again
    looking through photos
    at the back of your drawer
    the way that you looked
    when you were small

    you're safe,
    there's no prowler
    no creeper in your lane
    it's better than drugs
    it's cool
    to be in your home again

    home again
    housesitting again
    it's just a little bit far
    from the main crowd
    reading your poems
    when you're not around
    home again,
    housesitting again
    hospital letter,
    a clinic on hold
    a test that you took
    awaiting results
  • the long, hard yers at sea, have taken their toll on me
    for thirteen winters and a spring, i have been so far away

    so far, far away from the place i call home
    a place so beautiful, it's where i want to die
    have you ever seen the rivers of nyfors?
    or the majestic view at the mountains of brevik?

    tyreso, you have left a mark in my heart
    home... i am coming home again

    as i think of home, the memories burn inside of me
    does my son still remember me?
    does his mother recall how life used to be?

    will she ever recognize this grey and scarred old man?
    will i ever see her smile again?
    will she meet me at the shore when my ship comes in?

    mother svea, you have left a mark in my heart
    so i am coming home again

    for home and kindred i have sailed so far
    for home and kindred i am coming home again

    (bkz: thyrfing)
    (bkz: urkraft)