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  • john petrucci ve jordan rudess 'in lte bunyesinde yaptiklari cok guzel bir sarki. beni hep huzunlendirmistir kendileri. piyano ve gitar hesabi...
  • at the drive in in in/casino/out albumunden bir sarkisi

    sucks me in, taking a ride
    and i'm wishing for the satellite
    grabbing vein pulling down on the radio
    laughing at the face that's bending down

    i'm all alone so far up here and my oxygen's all gone

    bend the metal
    my glory box has failed
    we're rocking in our reclining chairs
    drive away that car
    that brought us all this harm
    those are the pieces of my story line

    i'm all alone so far up here and my oxygen's all gone

    truly stressing realization
    i wish i was an astronaut
    eight hour bitterness all for whose sake
    stain glass sunday school charades
  • squeeze'in 87 çıkışlı popüler parçası.
  • lamb of god'ın ashes of the wake albümündeki süper parça..

    privileged, a chosen few
    blessed with our time in hell
    witness a divine vision, the day we all fell still.
    rapture of the dying age, a shattered hourglass
    wrath of the warring gods and so this too shall pass.
    it's only getting worse, not worth a moment's regret
    each dawn another curse, every breath a twisting blade
    what will be left behind in the ashes of the wake?
    an ill wind blows this way, the edge of the envelope burns
    forbearance and my vengance, payment for your intent
    fear and death in the wings, in thrall of those fallen from grace
    petty is as petty does, witness the mass disgrace.
    (fear and death in the wings, in thrall of those fallen from grace
    petty is as petty does, witness the mass disgrace.)
    god forbid you read the signs.
    watch for meanings between the lines
    gehenna has now arrived, no hindsight for the blind.
    your trust has been misplaced, believed the lies told to your face
    became another casualty and now it's too late.
    you finally made it home, draped in the flag that you fell for.
    and so it goes
    the ashes of the wake.
    it's only getting worse...
  • lamb of god'ın ashes of the wake albümünün ikinci parçası. kanımca grubun yazdığı en iyi şarkılardan biridir ve özellikle ortasında, grubun bu güne dek yazdığı, çalması en zor riff'i barındırır.
  • millenium'un 2000 yılında cikardigi albümün adi. albüme ismini veren parcayi dinlerken insan vokalleri david coverdale yapıyor sanıyor.
  • michael franks...

    hourglass, remember how
    i said i'd miss you?
    i confess i lied:
    hourglass, i couldn't live without you
    if i tried, which i
    do not intend to ever try
    my hourglass, your sensual geography
    i live just to explore
    your present, past, and future incarnations
    i adore the more
    we love the more i know we loved before
    luck of such magnitude fills me with gratitude;
    some navigator divine
    tied us together in time
    love measures infinity
    minute by minute
    why, hourglass,
    do you suppose my arms surround you
    so existentially?
    hourglass, i know the sand that flows through you
    is me
    i see
    the sand that flows through you is me.
  • dave gahanın ekim ayı sonunda çıkması planlanan ve paper monstersa göre daha elektronik olacağı bildirilen ikinci solo albümü.

    basın açıklaması şu şekil:
  • 2007 ekim çıkışlı dave gahan albümüdür.
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    1- saw something
    2- kingdom
    3- deeper and deeper
    4- 21 days
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    7- insoluble
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    9- a little lie
    10- down
  • playing the angel'ın devamı gibi gözükse de ondan daha karanlık ve daha sert, mevsim normallerinde dave gahan albümü.