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  • guns n roseın coverladığı new york dolls şarkısı.
  • hot shots 2 albumunden guzel bir beta band sarkisi.

    [she **] me on a monday that’s what i like to see
    [ ** me] on a tuesday that’s what its meant to be
    [** me] on a wednesday i wouldn’t want to say
    [**] on a thursday is there any other way
    [** me] on a friday she’s gonna break your neck
    saturday comes around [********]
    i thought i’d make it sunday but i didn’t see it coming
    [***] has started humming & my friends have started running

    i only want to count the days to say we made another day
    daytime seems to last too long [at nights i scream and live alone?]
    some peace of mind for the girl inside,
    some little piece for the men who hide
    some peace of mind for the girl inside,
    so little peace for the men who hide

    we might just break, can you hear us crying?
    we might just break, can you see us crying?

    i find it very hard to say what i see
    i’m going through my mind when she’s looking up at me
    all the things i’ve said right now for both of us came true
    who will look for me when i disappear in you?
    it’s never very clear just who’s in control
    it’s all so beautiful what’s the point of it all
  • biz
  • gentleman şarkısı.

    yeah, just give the women the respect, what dem deserve
    and if a guy disrespects you yes him haffi splet, why him haffi splet

    if a guy try fi treat you like a puppet pon a string
    mek dem know that you is a human being
    "i'm not a thing", girl try to know fi sing

    manifestigation, of respect for the women ina we nation,
    'cause a dem always put down frustration- from the demy ball
    me never see dem ina destruction, well
    a who beat dig and who mek me wild
    couldn't be the female from deh what dem say fall,
    awho could it's yet a when dem start ball
    everlasting, burning fire

    because, woman you bang okay, you nuh stocky
    sicky-sicky, you lifestyle nuh shity-shity
    and you nuh worry, nuh hurry, everything, christ and copy rightousness you a stop
    and no man can fool you, much less disrespect you with money alone, dis ya soul
    can't get you,
    all a deh contra with fi dem can't attract you, but true love woll always protect

    wa wa wa waw wa waa waa

    what's all abroad, woman a love love dif a run down ina dem mmode
    love fi big up dem chest without dem can't run hot,
    when you check it out dem flex like a osmos,
    gal shout it out loud
  • ben de insanım , biz de insanız demek için kullanılır genelde.. * my life has a value die devam eder..
  • guns versiyonunun sözleri şöyle:

    a whole different beast
    1234 [kazoo madness]
    oh yeeeahh
    oh yeeeeeeahh

    well if you don't like it, go ahead
    find yourself a date, go ahead now
    try to find a boy, whose gonna be what i ain't

    what you need is a plastic doll
    with a fresh coat of paint
    whose gonna sit through the night
    and just always act so quaint

    ++umne head eh yeahohhh yeah well uh

    it's your new friend
    you're really making a scene
    and i've seen you bouncin' around
    from machine to machine
    but you know that
    they're never really
    never really what they seem,
    but you can try to
    generate some warmth,
    then you'll see just what i mean,
    oh baby, baby, baby yeah

    and if i've acted like a king
    don't ya know it's cause i'm a human being
    and if i want too many things
    don't ya know it's cause i'm a human being
    and if i've got to dream
    don't you know it's cause i'm a human being
    and when it gets a bit obscene
    don't ya know it's cause, i'm a human being
    i just gotta walk around
    with my head on down
    just like a human.. one more human being
    i can hold my head so high
    just like a human,
    a real proud human being

    won't ya gimme a little sip --
    why won't you gimme a drag of that cigarette
    why don't you try to drive me home
    and then uh, never ever forget
    but now, don't you blow it all
    on a million dollar bet
    because you're liable to lose it
    on a bet that you've never had yet
    no bababy baby oh yeah


    it's like i'm talkin' 'bout the human race
    you're tryin' to cover up a big disgrace
    baby, yeah, yeah, yeah
    come on, come on, come on

    well i may think that this whole scene is just a
    too appalling for me
    well, i may be the type who's just mad about
    every little thing that i see, but i can
    colour that with history, and make it
    just what i want it to be, well i'm
    blowin' my change on the fan magazines, with all the
    hollywood refugees, oh baby baby oh yeah

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