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  • montrose'un "montrose" albümünde yer alan harika parça:

    i don't want it
    i gave love a chance and it shit back in my face.
    and i just quit my job makin' toothpicks out of logs.
    you know it's gettin' thin when your friends turn you in.
    better sock away your bread, there's worse times ahead.

    i don't want it, not today, no no.
    i don't need it, so take it away, yeah!

    flower make me sneeze and prayin' hurts my knees.
    funerals make me cry and i don't wanna die.
    gettin' high's a gas, but stayin' high, i'll pass.
    goin' to school's alright but teachers are uptight
  • ween'in quebec adlı albümünün 11. parçası:

    did we miss the moon?
    i'd lie in your arms if i could, now
    such a common pain
    repeats itself again and again, now

    flowers grow in the springtime
    and leaves fall from the trees
    i've been gone for so long
    you just threw away the keys
    i understand it, but i don't want it

    i know it so well
    you tripped me and i laughed when you fell, now
    this isn't how it should be
    i've let you drift so far from me, now

    but please hold onto the memories
    before we really crash and burn
    we've got ourselves so wrapped up
    that we've forgotten how to learn
    i understand it, but i don't want it