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  • feist pleasure
    (bkz: böyle aşkın ızdırabını)
    (bkz: aşk acısı)

    try to find a way to talk about it
    ı’m also in the mind to just let it go
    how to reach out my mind if ı can’t think straight
    with the goodness so gone ı feel to isolate
    you called me baby, ı called you one too
    until you spoke to me with another voice
    you sent in spiders to fight for you
    ı was so disappointed ı didn’t know what to do
    ı wish ı didn’t miss you

    wasting so many hours away
    so many ways to waste a day
    ın this same city ı hope you’re not
    cuz the town has shrunk to the size of my thoughts
    ıt was so mystifying to see you so changed
    ı felt some certainty that you must have died
    because how could ı live if you’re still alive?
    ı wish ı didn’t miss you