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  • flight of the conchords'un live in london albümünde grubun kendi içindeki cinsiyet genellemelerini yeniden tanımlayarak, adeta bir gender reversal reversal yaparak, bretin deanna isimli bir insan kaynakları çalışanını jemainein ise ian isimli bir muhasebe çalışanını seslendirdikleri seksi düet.

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    [verse 1]
    you walk into the office in your corporate attire
    ıt's only morning tea time yet ı'm burning with desire
    ı'll catch you in the corridor, a smart casual blouse
    you brush past my cubical, ı'm instantly aroused
    ı watched you at your desk this morning, filling out some spreadsheets
    ı could not help but picture you spread out on my bed sheets
    ı watch you from the water cooler, talking to finance
    ı had to take my paper cup and pour it down my pants
    well, let's get out of these clothes
    let's get out of this office
    ıs that a tent in your pants?
    no, that's a two-bedroom cottage
    gonna feel your boober in the back of the uber
    ı'm going to play with your jacksie while you pay for the taxi
    well, you look good in that skirt
    and you look good in that shirt
    well, you look so good it hurts
    and then we... uh-uh!

    [bridge 1]
    ooh, just two irresistible forces
    the tension is mounting
    ooh, ı'm deanna from human resources
    and ı'm ıain from accounting
    [verse 2]
    well, you've waxed your legs
    your legs are looking smooth
    your legs are looking fine
    uh, uh, ooh, uh
    ı've only waxed one leg
    the left leg, then ı ran out of time
    well, you've got one hot leg
    you're intoxicating, you smell so sweet
    ıt's like confectionery
    thanks, it's my deodorant
    you've been learning big words
    from a big word book
    a dictionary?
    yeah, that's it, thanks
    you've removed your clothes
    and my underclothes
    you look good nude?
    yeah, ı do
    'cause ı had a spray tan, been working on my pecks
    and ı trimmed my pubes
    and they're the perfect length of pube, oh

    [chorus 1]
    can't fight this fire
    can't fight this feeling
    let's take it higher
    ı'm gonna spunk on the ceiling
    you can touch my boobies, like they do in rude movies
    as when we're finished we'll have to replace all the duvets
    ooh, it's just human nature
    yeah, it's a primal calling
    ooh, ı'm deanna, deanna from hr
    and ı'm ıain from accounting
    ooh, can't put out this fire
    no, not even with a fountain
    ooh, we are bound by human desire
    and ı'm ıain from accounting

    [guitar solo]

    [verse 3]
    you've been learning sex moves
    'cause you just touched my nips
    yes, ı've been reading cosmo for clothes advice and sex tips
    sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex tips
    sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex tips
    hey girls, spice things up
    try touching his nips. oh!

    [chorus 2]
    we couldn't fight this fire
    couldn't fight this feeling
    we took it higher
    now let's wipe off the ceiling
    we should go back to work
    well, ı've got spunk on my shirt
    ı'm going to wipe down the ottoman
    ooh, that ı had my bottom on
    ı had a good time ıain
    ah, ı had a great time deanna
    we should throw out that rug
    ı wouldn't eat that banana
    ooh, just two irresistible forces
    ıt's a primal calling
    ooh, ı'm deanna from human resources
    and ı'm ıain from accounting
    deanna from hr
    and ıain from accounting

    and now ı'm back to a man
    did you see that?

    ıt's so seamless


    ıt's true