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  • civilization 3 te delirip saga sola attiginiz orayi burayi atmikliyan korkunc silah..atar atmaz space racei kazanacak sekilde ayarlarsaniz cok komik oluyo.. (bkz: civilization 3)
  • kitalararasi balistik fuze
  • bir age of empires cheat'i... ballistalarin menzili 9+99 olur
  • 5000 mil ve üzeri gibi bir mesafeyi katedebilme özelliğiyle (chicago moskova arası gibi) en uzun mesafe yapabilen balistik füze.
  • bu konu hakkinda da civ3'un ansiklopedisi civilopedia'da bir aciklama mevcut;

    "an icbm (inter-continental ballistic missile) has an unlimited range, and like the tactical nuke, has a devastating effect. they cannot be moved from the city that builds them but can strike any target on the map. nuclear weapons, if used, have a tremendous negative effect upon world opinion.

    a city must have aluminum and uranium in its strategic resource box to build icbms.

    the use of atomic bombs at nagasaki and hiroshima at the end of world war ii changed the world's standards for measuring military power. nuclear weapons can eradicate ground forces and armored divisions, and flatten cities with their awesome explosive power. in the years following world war ii, arsenals of nuclear weapons were rapidly built by opposing nations, each fearing the capabilities of the other. this massive arms buildup has acted as a deterrent to full-scale war, since all the governments involved are aware of the consequences should such a war take place. the threat imposed by the huge nuclear arsenals of the world powers may one day be eradicated by the development of the strategic defense initiative, or sdi, a system designed to destroy enemy missiles in flight before they can reach their targets."
  • kizdigimda insanlarin** kafalarina attigim meret.
  • (bkz: icbm address)
  • irbm'nin bir kaç boy büyüğü