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  • anekdoten'nın until all the ghosts are gone albümünde yer alan naif keyifli eseri..çok iyi bir beste olmasının yanı sıra enstruman çeşitliliği de göze çarpar. her kafada dinlenir, bünyeye iyi gelir.

    we could be anything
    so let’s try our luck down at the spin and win
    haven’t seen you for long
    heaven knows where you have gone
    would the words still ring true?

    did you see what ı saw?
    did you hear wherever the call was coming from?

    would your mind be set free
    where the river meets the sea?
    would it all come too true
    if it all came down to you?

    where would you dare to go?
    what would you dare to know?
    ıf it all comes down to you..