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  • imkansiz olay, olasilik esittir sifir
  • alicia keys'in katkilariyla yapilmis bir christina agulierasarkisi..
  • adidas'in yeni reklam kampanyasi:
    "impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. impossible is not a fact. it's an opinion. impossible is not a declaration. it's a dare. impossible is potential. impossible is temporary. impossible is nothing."
  • "not impossible, merely improbable..."
    (bkz: jack sparrow)
  • figurine'in the heartfelt'inin ikinci sarkisi. buyuk harflerle im (instant messaging'in im'si) kucuk harflerle possible. ziplatirken dusunduren pembo sarki.

    icq'yla msn messenger'la paralize olan hayatlarimiz icin gelsin, seninle bir dakika mutlandiriyor beni diyen sozleri. twelve point text cannot replace five minutes with you face to face.

    im me if you care
    i am so lost without you
    im me if you're there
    i am alone- so far from you

    its been so long since i last saw you
    just one kiss and you were off to
    your new career- so far from me
    i could tell deep in your eyes
    that you were ready for a brand new life
    without me by your side

    instant message conversations are filled with empty exclamations
    twelve point text cannot replace
    five minutes with you face to face
    geneva is such a cold cold front
    i'm sorry if this comes out wrong
    but i met someone new today
    long distance love is not my thing

    im me if you care
    i am about to give up hope
    im if you need a friend
    i am still here, to type to you
    if you want me to

    i don't want you to.
  • kanye west'in mission impossible 3 icin yaptigi sarki. eksi sozluk sozlerini gururla sunar:

    [chorus: (keyshia cole and kanye west)]
    [keyshia cole]
    i've been waiting my life; and i stayed on my grind
    now i made up my mind; it's been way too much time
    that's why...it's just impossible - it's im-poss-ible
    and you know that...
    i don't wanna hear that bull sh..; i wanna hear that official sh..,
    kanye and that twista sh..; that's so impossible to get it (it's just impossible)
    get it, that's so impossible to get it, get it, that's so impossible to get it (it's impossible)

    [verse 1]
    aint no way you could pull up to the party in a bentley blowing b in a club like this; (oh no)
    aint no way you could cook up in the studio with kanye and get it jukking in the club like this (oh no)
    aint no way that you could win; dust some haters off while i'm sippin on my 'hen,
    holla at a chick while she sippin on her gin
    and i got the mobsters hollering at her friends, (its impossible)
    for you to ever be the nicest; you aint get gangsta or get righteous,
    you aint neva stood on a tip like this; you aint neva stood for no sh.. like this, (its just impossible)
    for you to get it if you don't wanna win; so get up off ya ass
    and go for yours
    and neva for mine
    now you aint from the ride that i'm in
    know what i'm


    [verse 2]
    it's impossible for you to eva get wit me because of how i ride on the track;
    got the bitch in the back of the billy yo? when my celeb
    used to have the bitch in the back of the cadillac (it's just impossible)

    niggas always hatin
    leaving me for wilin out for po kim
    you be sittin back talking yo shit
    i cant help but i see you tho, i don't get it (its impossible)

    lil mama, for you to fit all that up in a pants; movin kinda wilder
    turn a regular jeans in a low riders
    tell me can i be your man (its just impossible)
    for you to eva deny, that i'm about chi-town
    represent the city with the deal for 12 years and sell a couple a mil and still hold it down...that's possible


    [verse 3]
    get it; rolled the -- up then lit it; smoke a lil but don't - admit it
    do it like i did too late - i did it
    the controversy cant worse me man; i'm eating but i'm still thirsty and
    thirsty what is you saying
    i gotta a duel with a couple niggas that's thursday man
    why the hell is i'm worrying; hopping out the benz with the perfect tint, man your life must be perfect man; look at how they came up with the perfect plan
    its impossible
    got strip clubs playin gosspital
    felt so sick in the hospital
    you know i jumped out like pakadu
    ... throw your diamonds when i rock wit you
    since michael jackson made rock wit you
    i done did shit unlogical
    maybe cause we did the impossible
    maybe we done did the impossible


    no matter what i do, see i been waitin all my, waitin all my life, yeah,
    and i know i stayed on my grind, i know i stayed on my grind,
    its impossible for me to fail baby, i gotta keep on movin,
    gotta keep on movin, its impossible

    (its just impossible) (its impossible)
  • güzel bir the clientele şarkısı:

    there's a place that we can go
    at the end of a long slow day
    streetlamps fuse the rising night
    i feel so far away

    when you came back late, from the garden
    i couldn't turn my eyes
    and i was dead

    outside in the crowded pines
    ships are sailing though the wood
    leaving in the space between
    the hovis homes, the railway heath

    i can see my freedom but i need a little time
    your hair wet and your arms full
    you were dead, you were alive

    looking in the heart of light
    looking into the silence

    from those nights so frigid
    they seemed hardly real
    through the last light on the plain
    roland to the dark tower came
    weialala leia
    weialala leia
  • dokuzuncu nesil çaylak.
  • eger... birini sevmekteyseniz ve bunu ona bir şekilde itiraf edip ve terslenmemiş olmanıza rağmen, iki taraf da bunun hiçbir zaman olmayacağını biliyorsa...ve bunun nedeni bir takım "koşullar"sa... ve bir tarafın bu "bir takım koşullar"dan dolayı bekleyecek vakti yoksa bahsi gecen "bu" impossible'dır.

    siz her ne kadar ondan "impossible is nothing" lafını duysanız da içinizde, bunun hiçbi zaman olamayacağını bilmenin verdiği o buruk hisle gülümsemeye çalışırsınız...


    edit: 2 sene sonunda boyunca bu impossible'lıklar iceren hisler nihayet bir sona ulaşmıştır. bahsi gecen hisler artık distant memories buried in the past foreverdurumuna gelmistir. ne mutludur ancak yine de yasanmis ve zamaninda acitmistir.