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  • ing. masum. ayni zamanda bir fuel $arkisi.
  • you are innocent when you dream.. tom waits şarkısı
  • satan, you know where i lie
    gently i go, into that good night

    all our lives get complicated
    search for pleasure's overrated
    never armed our souls
    for what the future would hold
    we were innocent

    angels, lend me your might
    forfeit all my lives to get just one right

    all those colors long since faded
    and all our smiles are confiscated
    never were we told
    we'd be bought and sold
    we were innocent

    yeah this prayer is for me tonight
    this far down that line
    and still ain't got it right

    oh and while confessions not yet stated
    our next sin is contemplated
    never did we know
    what the future would hold
    or that we'd be bought and sold
    we were innocent
    we were innocent
  • moonlight awakening grubunun innersense albumunde yer alan güzel şarkılarından bir tanesi.

    is it too late to remember those innocent days?
    you harbour resentment, i know
    you remember only the things i've taken away
    i'm silenced by grief and crying below this haze...
    i've been so selfish, been such a fool,
    i always knew i'd never really get inside of you
    is it too late to hope now everything's changed?
    we've traded places yet it's never the same
    they sought the illusion that i shed
    to become the one thing that they dread
    they're all discouraged catastrophes
    and i'll never grant them any of my sympathy
    if only we learned to forget...
    instead we're taught to regret...
    it was always my thought if we learned to forget we'd be innocent again
    the way we must think, the way we must choose, the way we must always pretend
    it was always my thought if we learned to forget we'd be innocent again
    because who can argue what's right or wrong when it all comes down to the
    if only we'd learned to forget...
    we'd never know such regret...
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