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  • outside bunun farklı yumurta ikizi kardeşidir... genelde birlikte kullanılırlar ama saçma olur...
    (bkz: inside outside parti)
  • swing low in dark glass hour
    you turn to cower
    see it turn to dust

    move on a stone dark night
    we take to flight
    snowfall turns to rust

    seam in a fusing mine
    like a nursing rhyme
    fat man starts to fall

    year in a hostile place
    i hear your face
    start to call

    and if you think that i've been loosing my way
    that's because i'm slightly blinded
    if you think that i don't make to much sense
    that's because i'm broken minded
    but don't keep it...
    if you believe it
    don't keep it all inside

    strong words in a ganges sky
    i have to lie
    shadows moves in pairs

    ring out from a bursied postcard
    in the shooting yard
    looking through the tears

    out of the black slate time
    we move in line
    but never reach an end

    fall in a long stray town
    as the ice comes down
    rivers start to bend
  • bir eloy şarkısı aynı zamanda.

    sometimes stay alone
    dream like a child
    of all the seasons
    pictures and fantasies
    moving on and on
    in my mind
    all the time
    all the time

    but the dreams are gone
    then reality is near
    i take your hands
    feel your breath
    and know that i
    won't stay alone anymore

    i take your hands
    feel your breath
    and know that i
    won't stay alone anymore
  • eloyun 73 tarihli albümü. içerisinde 4 parça barındırır:

    land of no body
    future city
    up and down

    eloyun sonraları yaratacağı soundundan daha uzak, lyricleri çok parlak bulunmayan bir albümdür. buna rağmen dinlemesi gayet hoş, eloyun sonraki zamanlarına referans bir başlangıç albümü olarak kabul edilebilir kanımca.
  • ayni zamanda bir pain of salvation sarkisi.

    'what is a war criminal? was not war itself a crime against god and
    humanity, and, therefore, were not all those who sanctioned, engineered,
    and conducted wars, war criminals? war criminals are not confined to the
    axis powers alone.'

    i was told the pain and hunger was not my fault
    how could they be so wrong?
    and man, of all five billion people you're only one
    believed them for far too long!
    clean hands
    my land is my home

    i'm inside the big machine and it's eating me!
    and i am just a wheel in motion, too blind to see
    the way we are heading now

    i'm hollow
    i swallow, but....

    inside i'm strong
    inside i'm free
    inside i'm young
    inside i'm still me

    [since 1990 there have been 93 wars in 70 states all around the world, with 5.5 million people dead. 75% of these people were civilians, 1 million of them were children...]

    (guns don't kill - i don't kill. do i?)

    drink with me, laugh with me, friends for tonight
    stay with me, sleep with me, happy tonight
    i only feel lonely outside this bar
    look at me when i speak! who do you think you are?

    just look at me now! inside i'm lost...

    now i'm vain, numb this pain - why is it burning?
    clean as rain, not a stain - so why am i yearning?

    i can't sleep - i twist and turn
    in too deep - i sweat, i burn
    i'm afraid that i'll awake, dressed up in a big mistake
    then i'd break!

    what if i just closed my eyes?
    (i'm not clean...)
    what if i shut out the lies?
    (...blood unseen...)
    and what if i could hear my heart...
    (...all over my hands!)
    ...accusing me for taking part
    of the machine
  • bi de yumusacık myriads sarkısı .. piyano ve keman esliginde devam eden bir sarkıdır... gariptir .. operatik bi havası vardır....
  • bu urunu alanlar yaninda $unu da aldilar: (bkz: insidious)
  • nişantaşında, karumu azıcık geçince görülebilecek, pahalı ev eşyaları satan bir mağaza.