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  • ing. tersyuz olmus.
  • pain of salvation'in one hour by the concrete lake isimli albumlerinin 11. ve son parcasi.

    sozleri su sekildedir :

    '30 years ago, society believed that no price was to high, we thought that
    industry could come at any cost. we cannot afford to pay that price any

    so finally my journey ends
    and through this wound my soul can mend
    guilt is my blood
    i'm being drained
    this is my home, i will stay...
    there's always someone inside
    fighting to get outside
    the "knowing-right-from-wrong side"
    our home is inside!

    i've travelled the world around
    in search for some grail of mine
    how could i be so blind?
    it was always here:inside
    i have only some weeks to give
    but at last... i live

    life's just a line of situations
    a matter of occasions
    and mystic correlations
    the work of a machine!

    here in a world split to nations
    we fail to see the relations
    between the wheel and the machine
    and of the scars we're leaving...

    i swear there's someone inside
    fighting to get outside
    just give it all an hour
    by the concrete lake!

    'i dread the day my children will ask me why. i dread the day when i will
    have to explain to them that people thought it was acceptable to destroy
    the environment so that we could have jobs. i dread the day i will have to
    explain to my bright-eyed joshua, who talks to dogs and listens to the
    grass screaming, that we were all to busy driving fast cars, rushing our
    children off to day-care, and finding seniors' homes to our grandparents
    and listening to the ringing of cash registers.

    we were all too busy to hear the grass screaming.'
  • (bkz: in and out)
  • pain of salvation'ın öte güzel şarkısı.

    double cross, şahane klavye, süper düper gitar ve muhteşem vokal* içerir...

    e daha ne istiyonuz...
  • playboy - inside out: 1992 yapımı bir dizi kısa filmden oluşan playboy klasiği. daha sonra 2,3'de çekilmiş
  • eglenceli ve hareketli bir traveling wilburys parcasi.

    look out your window
    the grass ain't green
    it's kind of yellow see what i meen
    look up your chimney the sky ain't blue
    it's kind of yellow you know it's true
    it's so hard to figure whats it all about....

    when your outsides in downside up
    upsides right don't they make you manna twist and shout
    when your inside out

    (knock down) your dream (pal) what couler do you see
    it's got to be yellow don't try to fool me
    (all they make you) wanna twist and shout

    be careful where you walking you might step thing up worse
    be careful when you talking and saying all that stuff
    take care when you are breathing somethings funny in the air
    something earn not saying about whats happening out there
    it's inside out

    look into the future with your (mistakes _____ of all)
    (sea ain't been ain't yellow) (see if it's there at all)
    (ain't no shadow)
    all they make you wanna twist and shout

    inside out right side up
    don't they make you wanna twist and shout when your
    inside out inside out inside out

    (bkz: traveling wilburys vol 3)
  • bir chick corea elektrik band albumu...
  • (bkz: tersyuz cocuk)
  • johannesburg'un kaliteli eglence yerlerinden birinin ismi. 2002 jamiroquai johannesburg konserinin ardindan after party yapilan mekan.
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