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  • islamolog abdel-hakim ourghi tarafindan berlin'deki bir caminin kapisina civilenmis 40 adet esastan olusan reformist maddelerdir.

    almanca kaynak: http://www.bz-berlin.de/…rm-an-berliner-moscheetuer

    cevirisi soyle:

    1 it is time for a european ıslam.
    2 the holy scripture of ıslam in itself is lifeless. ıt is the interpretation that makes it come alive.
    3 every muslim and muslim has the freedom to interpret the koran as he or she wants.
    4 a reform of ıslam needs courageous reformers.
    5 the heritage of ıslam must be freely explored.
    6 the reform of ıslam is in the koran itself.
    7 reform of ıslam means its adaptation to modernity.
    8 ıslamic criticism is not a general rejection of the ıslamic faith.
    9 the koran as a word of god has become a human word over the centuries.
    10 he who respects the koran can not take him literally.
    11 the muslims must turn the koran into a book of peace.
    12 the koran is eternal and timeless only as a land register of humanistic ethics.
    13 ıslam is not a universal religion, for the koran is a religion written to the arabs.
    14 the true creed of ıslam is: "ı testify, there is no god but allah." (koran 20:14)
    15 the koran itself emphasizes the truth of torah and gospels.
    16 muhammad is but a man like the rest of the people.
    17 ınsane is human, even the prophet is mistaken.
    18 the tradition of the prophet came about two centuries after the death of the prophet for political reasons.
    19 the reform of ıslam is a constant struggle against the nebulization of reason.
    20 ıslam has a disturbed relationship to reflection.
    21 the muslims need no scholar as an intermediary between god and man.
    22 the mosques must finally be liberated from imported and selfmade imams.
    23 god is not a tyrant who longs to punish men. god is love, mercy, and grace. 24 ıslam is more than the five pillars and the doctrine of faith, namely good action. sola actiol
    24 ıslam is more than the five pillars and the doctrine of faith, namely good action. sola actiol
    25 god has freed men from freedom.
    26 god has given man freedom of expression.
    27 the principle of religious freedom also applies in ıslam.
    28 no one has the right to declare other people unbelievers.
    29 "the dignity of man is inviolable" - this also applies to ıslam and the muslims.
    30 the dialogue among the muslims is indispensable because there is no chosen religious community in ıslam.
    31 reconciling diversity in the dialogic encounter: to be religious today means to be interreligious.
    32 no religion is in possession of absolute truth, and no man has the key to paradise.
    33 ıslam has not made women women, but men's servants.
    the women of ıslam must rise, because their tormentors will not free them.
    34 the headscarf is not a religious prescription but a historical product of male domination.
    35 not the koran but the male rule of conservative ıslam forbids women, as imams
    in their communities.
    36 ıslam has very much to do with ıslamism.
    37 non-reformed ıslam is not a religion of peace.
    38 the ıslamic sense of ıslam is ha'usgemacht. we muslims are not victims.
    39 humanist-modern ıslam shares the world with other religions and worldviews.
    40 only as a liberal is ıslam capable of future.
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