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  • 1997 yılına kadar çok fazla bilinmeyen islamofobi kelimesinin yaygınlaşması hakkında bkz.:

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    unsurprisingly, on the basis of a vaguely and contestably defined islamophobia, the runnymede report drew a dark picture of british society as permeated by anti-islamic and anti-muslim sentiment, expressed in misrepresentations in the media and in everyday life no less than in hate crimes and discrimination in employment and schooling. once the concept was there, there had to be a reality described by it. of course, the purported causality is the reverse: ‘(a)nti-muslim prejudice has grown so considerably and so rapidly in recent years that a new item in the vocabulary is needed so that it can be identified and acted against’ (commission on british muslims and islamophobia 1997: 1). in fact, the true success of the report was to introduce the word ‘islamophobia’ into the public vocabulary, and even outside britain it ‘has become a popular summary explanation for the difficulties that muslims face’ (klausen 2005: 58).

    kaynak: joppke, christian. 2009. "limits of integration policy: britain and her muslims." journal of ethnic and migration studies 35(3): 453-472.

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