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  • pek psychic, pek hoş bir babes in toyland parçası. dinleyince insanı bir acayip yapıyor, telekinesis saçmalıklarına sürüklüyor.

    my own mind is mine to drive
    in lanes that aren't allowed that's why i'm allowed in circles around
    'cause at the top of it all from where we are all
    black slant eyeholes stretchback bug skull beautiful
    devilgod lover telling me things to believe
    things i've known but cannot see
    i am a stupid human bean
    big eyed and between what i am
    and what i seem
    i breathe
    i dream
    i lead
    how long should we go
    before we're heard?
    herd them all together
    put them in a spell
    you will do well
    we'll let you know but not enough
    magnetic field of vision
    raises eyebrow questions
    what is the admission
    psychic audition to cover all specialized flights
    come up and meet us this will please us
    i breathe
    i dream
    i lead
    mind is the wall of time
    a lonely throne to own