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  • marxist bir yazar.
  • irlanda’nın ilk marksist işçi önderlerindendir. 1896’da ırlanda sosyalist cumhuriyetçi partisi’ni, 1912’de ırlanda ışçi partisi’ni kurdu

    birinci dünya savaşı’nın patlak vermesi üzerine savaşa karşı tavır alan james connolly, ırlanda’nın sömürge bağımlılığından kurtuluşunun da işçi sınıfının toplumsal kurtuluşu ile mümkün olduğunu savunan tutarlı bir enternasyonalistti.

    connolly’nin önderliğinde 23 nisan 1916’da başlatılan zamansız ve hazırlıksız ayaklanma yenilgi ile sonuçlandı. uluslararası sosyalist hareket içinde de yankılanan bu ayaklanmayı, rus sosyal demokrat plehanov, “zararli bir hareket” olarak nitelerken, trocki, “işçiler öclerini lyod george’un cellatlarından alacaklardır” diye selamladı. lenin ise ayaklanmanın bir “darbe” olduğu iddiasını kınadı ve “ırlanda’lıların talihsizliği, avrupa proletaryasının isyanının henüz olgunlaşmamış olduğu bir sırada yakalanmalarıdır” diye değerlendirdi.

    connolly, ayaklanmaların bastırılması sırasında ıngilizler tarafından ağır yaralı olarak ele geçirildikten sonra, yapılan gizli duruşmalarda yargılanarak idama mahkûm edildi .
  • easter rebellion bildirisinin altında imzası olan yedi kişiden biridir. easter rebellion sırasında ağır yaralanıp tutuklanmış, cezaevine sedyeyle taşındıktan sonra bir sandalyeye oturtturularak kurşuna dizilmiştir. tarih 12 mayıs 1916.
    kendisi için yazılmış anonim şarkılar vardır. mesela:

    a great crowd had gathered outside of kilmainhem*
    with their heads all uncovered they knelt on the ground
    for inside that grim prison lay a brave irish soldier
    his life for his country about to lay down.

    he went to his death like a true son of ireland,
    the fireing party* he bravely did face.
    then the order rang out: "present arms, fire!";
    james connolly fell into a ready made grave.

    the black flag they hoisted, the cruel deed was over,
    gone was the man who loved ireland so well,
    there was many a sad heart in ireland that morning,
    when they murdered james connolly, the irish rebel.

    god`s curse on you, england, you cruel hearted monster,
    your deeds would shame all the devils in hell,
    there were no flowers blooming but the shamrock is growing
    on the grave of james connolly, the irish rebel.

    many years have rolled by since the irish rebellion,
    when the guns of brittania they loudly did speak,
    the bold ira battled shoulder to shoulder,
    as the blood of their bodies flowed down sackville street.

    the four courts of dublin, the english bombarded,
    the spirit of freedom, they tried hard to quell
    but above all the din rose the cry "no surrender!"
    `twas the voice of james connolly, the irish rebel.
  • arthur patrick galvin'in kendisi için yazdığı bir şarkı:

    where oh where is our james connolly,
    where oh where can that brave man be,
    he has gone to organise the union,
    that working men might yet be free.

    where oh where is the citizen army,
    where oh where can that brave band be,
    they have gone to join the great rebellion,
    and break the bonds of slavery.

    and who will be there to lead the van,
    who will there be to lead the van,
    oh who should there be but our james connolly,
    the hero of each working man.

    who carries high our burning flag,
    who carries high our burning flag,
    oh who but james connolly all pale and wounded,
    carries high our burning flag.
    they carried him up to the jail,
    they carried him up to the jail,
    and ‘twas there that they shot him one bright may morning,
    and quickly laid him in his grave.

    who mourns now for our james connolly,
    who mourns now for that fighting man,
    oh lay me down in yon green garden,
    and make my bearers union men.

    we laid him down in yon green garden,
    with union men on every side,
    and we swore that we’d make one mighty union,
    and fill that gallant man with pride.

    so come all you noble young irishmen,
    come join with me for liberty,
    and we will forge a mighty weapon,
    and break the bonds of slavery.
  • azizler ve alimler adlı romanda terry eagleton bir grup felsefeciyle aynı eve tıkmıstır kendisini. tamamen fantazi tabi.
  • larry kirwan'ın (bkz: black 47) kendisi için yazmış olduğu bir şarkı:

    marchin' down o'connell street with the starry plough on high
    there goes the citizen army with their fists raised in the sky
    leading them is a mighty man with a mad rage in his eye
    "my name is james connolly - i didn't come here to die
    but to fight for the rights of the working man and the small farmer too
    to protect the proletariat from the bosses and their screws
    so hold on to your rifles, boys, don't give up your dream
    of a republic for the working class, economic liberty."

    then jem yelled out "oh citizens, this system is a curse
    an english boss is a monster, an irish one even worse
    they'll never lock us out again and here is the reason why:
    my name is james connolly - i didn't come here to die ..."

    and now we're in the gpo with the bullets whizzin' by
    with pearse and sean mcdermott biddin' each other goodbye
    up steps our citizen leader and he roars out to the sky
    "my name is james connolly - i didn't come here to die ...

    oh lillie, i don't want to die, we've got so much to live for
    and i know we're all goin' out to get slaughtered, but i just can't take any more
    just the sight of one more child screamin' from hunger in a dublin slum
    or his mother slavin' 14 hour days for the scum
    who exploit her and take her youth and throw it on a factory floor
    oh lillie, i just can't take any more

    they've locked us out, banned our unions, they even treat their animals better than us
    no! it's far better to die like a man than to live forever like some slave on your knees, lillie

    but don't let them wrap any green flag around me
    and, for god's sake, don't let them bury me in some field full of harps and shamrocks
    and whatever you do, don't let them make a martyr out of me
    no! rather rise the starry plough on high and sing a song of freedom
    here's to you, lillie, the rights of man and international revolution."

    we fought them to a standstill while the flames lit up the sky
    'til a bullet pierced our leader and we gave up the fight
    they shot him in kilmainham jail but they'll never stop his cry
    "my name is james connolly, i didn't come here to die."
  • modern zamanların ilk olimpiat şampiyonu olan amerikalı üç adım atlamacı.
    (bkz: 1896 atina olimpiyatları)
  • son mektubu:


    "i do not wish to make any defence except against charges of wanton cruelty to prisoners. these trifling allegations that have been made, if they record facts that really happened deal only with the almost unavoidable incidents of a hurried uprising against long established authority, and nowhere show evidence of set purpose to wantonly injure unarmed persons.

    we went out to break the connection between this country and the british empire, and to establish an irish republic. we believed that the call we then issued to the people of ireland, was a nobler call, in a holier cause, than any call issued to them during this war, having any connection with the war. we succeeded in proving that irishmen are ready to die endeavouring to win for ireland those national rights which the british government has been asking them to die to win for belgium. as long as that remains the case, the cause of irish freedom is safe.

    believing that the british government has no right in ireland, never had any right in ireland, and never can have any right in ireland, the presence, in any one generation of irishmen, of even a respectable minority, ready to die to affirm that truth, makes that government for ever a usurpation and a crime against human progress.

    i personally thank god that i have lived to see the day when thousands of irish men and boys, and hundreds of irish women and girls, were ready to affirm that truth, and to attest it with their lives if need be.

    james connolly,
    commandant-general, dublin division,
    army of the irish republic"