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    orijinali http://www.jwz.org/gruntle/nomo.html adresindedir

    resignation and postmortem.

    april 1st, 1999 will be my last day as an employee of the netscape communications division of america online, and my last day working for mozilla.org.

    netscape has been a great disappointment to me for quite some time. when we started this company, we were out to change the world. and we did that. without us, the change probably would have happened anyway, maybe six months or a year later, and who-knows-what would have played out differently. but we were the ones who actually did it. when you see urls on grocery bags, on billboards, on the sides of trucks, at the end of movie credits just after the studio logos -- that was us, we did that. we put the internet in the hands of normal people. we kick-started a new communications medium. we changed the world.

    but we did that in 1994 and 1995. what we did from 1996 through 1999 was coast along, riding the wave caused by what we did before.

    why? because the company stopped innovating. the company got big, and big companies just aren't creative. there exist counterexamples to this, but in general, great things are accomplished by small groups of people who are driven, who have unity of purpose. the more people involved, the slower and stupider their union is.

    in january 1998, netscape hit one of of its blackest periods -- the first round of layoffs. it was quite a wake-up call. netscape, darling of the computer industry, the fastest-growing company in the world, was not invincible.

    more concretely, this was when we realized that we had finally lost the so called browser war. microsoft had succeeded in destroying that market. it was no longer possible for anyone to sell web browsers for money. our first product, our flagship product, was heading quickly toward irrelevance.

    and then the unexpected happened: the executive staff decided to release the source code. i won't re-hash the history of the creation of the mozilla.org project, but suffice it to say that, coming as it did only two weeks after the layoffs, it was a beacon of hope to me. here was netscape doing something daring again: here was the company making the kind of change in strategy that i never thought they'd be able to make again. an act of desperation? perhaps, but still a very interesting and unexpected one. it was so crazy, it just might work. i took my cue and ran with it, registering the domain that night, designing the structure of the organization, writing the first version of the web site, and, along with my co-conspirators, explaining to room after room of netscape employees and managers how free software worked, and what we had to do to make it work.

    at this point, i strongly believed that netscape was no longer capable of shipping products. netscape's engineering department had lost the single-minded focus we once had, on shipping something useful and doing it fast. that was no longer happening. netscape was shipping garbage, and shipping it late.

    and daring move or no, this was not going to change: netscape no longer had the talent, either in engineering or management, to ship quality products. the magic was gone, as the magicians had either moved on to more compelling companies, or were having their voices lost in the din of the crowd, swamped by the mediocrity around them.

    the netscape i cared about was dead.

    but i saw mozilla.org as a chance to jettison an escape pod -- to give the code we had all worked so hard on a chance to live on beyond the death of netscape, and chance to continue to have some relevance to the world.

    but that didn't happen. for whatever reason, the project was not adopted by the outside. it remained a netscape project. now, this was still a positive change -- it meant that netscape was developing this project out in the open, in full view of the world, and the world was giving important and effective feedback. netscape made better decisions as a result.

    but it wasn't enough.

    the truth is that, by virtue of the fact that the contributors to the mozilla project included about a hundred full-time netscape developers, and about thirty part-time outsiders, the project still belonged wholly to netscape -- because only those who write the code truly control the project.

    and here we are, a year later. and we haven't even shipped a beta yet.

    in my humble but correct opinion, we should have shipped netscape navigator 5.0 no later than six months after the source code was released. but we (the mozilla.org group) couldn't figure out a way to make that happen. i accept my share of responsibility for this, and consider this a personal failure. however, i don't know what i could have done differently.

    i can come up with a litany of excuses and explanations for why we are so late (heaven knows i've been making these excuses to the media for half the lifetime of the project.)

    the worst part about all this is, for the last year, i've spent much of my time striving to convince people that mozilla.org is not netscape.com. i've told people again and again that the mozilla.org organization does not serve only the desires of the netscape client engineering group, but rather, serves the desires of all contributors to the mozilla project, no matter who they are. and that's certainly true. but the fact is, there has been very little contribution from people who don't work for netscape, making the distinction somewhat academic.

    now, to be fair, in this first year, we did do some very good things:

    we showed the world how to operate a large software project out in the open. whatever else happened, we did maintain a high level of communication between geographically and organizationally separate contributors and other interested parties. we transitioned from a secretive and proprietary development model to a very public one. we showed that it can be done.

    though we didn't get a whole lot of participation in the form of source code, we did get a lot of feedback about the directions the software was going. and the right feedback at the right time can easily be far more valuable than source code. by doing development out in the open, and ``living in a fishbowl,'' i believe that netscape made better decisions about the directions of development than would have been made otherwise.

    but despite all this, in the last year, we did not accomplish the goals that i wanted to accomplish. we did not take the mozilla project and turn it into a network-collaborative project in which netscape was but one of many contributors; and we did not ship end-user software. for me, shipping is the thing.

    perhaps my goals were unreasonable; perhaps it should have been obvious to me when we set out on this project that it would take much longer than a year to reach these goals, if we ever did. but, it wasn't obvious to me then, or now. these are the goals i was aiming for, and they have not yet been met.

    and so i'm giving up.

    the mozilla project has become too depressing, and too painful, for me to continue working on. i wanted mozilla to become something that it has not, and i am tired of fighting and waiting to make it so. i have felt very ineffectual, and that's just not a good feeling.

    for those of you who choose to continue, i wish you all the best of luck.

    i must say, though, that it feels good to be resigning from aol instead of resigning from netscape. it doesn't really feel like quitting at all. i was the 20th person hired at mosaic communications corporation (all praise the company), and of those twenty, only five remain. the company i helped build has been gone for quite some time. we, netscape, did some extraordinary things. but we could have done so much more. i feel like we had a shot at greatness, and missed.

    jamie zawinski, 31-mar-1999
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