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  • http://www.jeremymorgan.com/…before-us-were-better/ adresindeki yazısına yaptığım yorumu iki kere üst üste silmiş sorunlu şahıs. buraya yapıştırayım da dursun:

    "i disagree completely.

    1. programming barriers were lower in 80s, because hardware capabilities were very limited. so stuff you could do was much simpler which allowed you to deal with a very small state space with little amount of knowledge. mutlitasking was not common, no race conditions, no deadlocks. you'd have the control. no buggy drivers, you'd access the same hardware you coded for all the time. no dll hell. no versioning problems. ux requirements were simpler too: text. it was a simpler time so programming was simpler. most 8-bit machines booted up into basic in 1 second. you could immediately start programming.

    2. frameworks/copying-pasting/whatever that makes your job easier is mandatory in today's world of extremely complex computing ecosystem. it allows you to deal with the most common problems, similar to how a basic interpreter in 80s allowed you to avoid hardcore assembly programming and get productive immediately. copying/pasting was also common back in the day when magazines published source code for you to type in your own machine. it wasn't as fast as copy/pasting but the principle was the same: solve your problem with someone else's solution.

    so back in the day it was simpler to learn about programming because the stuff you could do with programming were limited. today, although you have lots of resources you have exponentially more complicated computing requirements. you need to ensure that your software gets along with the multitude of hardware and software configurations today. "