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  • klibinde gitar/davul vs. calan kedilerin bulundugu malkmus sarkisi.

    'and in a funny way, the shaving of my, uh, head has been a liberation from, uh, a lot of, uh, stupid vanities really. uh, it has simplified everything for me, it has opened a lot of doors maybe.'

    i'm not what you think i am
    i'm the king of siam
    i've got a bald head
    my name is yul brynner
    and i am a famous movie star
    perhaps you saw me in westworld
    i acted like a robotic cowboy
    it was my best role
    i can not deny i
    felt right home deep inside
    that electronic carcass

    you're such monumental slime
    let the punishment fit the crime
    tie it to a chair
    the house music will blare
    and turn your ears into
    a medicinal jelly
    stay inside on christmas day
    and make believe that you are my candy cane
    you said, 'i'm not that type,
    no i'm not sweet, and i'm not overripe

    bob dylan sang in
    'its alright mama im only bleeding',
    everything from toy guns that spark to flesh colored christs that glow in the dark
    its easy to see we got in too far and not much is really sacred.
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