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  • snoopy'nin burundugu sayisiz kimlikten sadece bir tanesi. gunes gozluklu ve kizlara sarkan bir snoopy gordugunuzde bunun joe cool oldugunu hemen anlarsiniz. en son karede mutlaka karizmayi cizdirmeyi basarmasina ragmen pes etmez ve coollugunu surdurmeye devam eder bir sonraki comic stripde. (bkz: snoopy)
  • joe johnson'ın da lakabıdır.
  • joe cool...startin' today.
    hey, it looks a little cloudy,
    but that's okay...'cause he's joe cool

    joe cool...dressin' up right,
    going out to catch a lady to take out tonight.
    put the shades on...precious pearly white;
    lookin' casual, feelin' dynomite.

    joe cool...struttin' the streets,
    trying to impress each little darling he meets.
    he says, "hey baby...how 'bout a midnight snack?"
    she says, "got a date already; i'll catch you later, jack."

    he says, "take it easy baby.
    don't come on too strong.
    what's your hurry? you got all day long."

    joe cool...he heads home.
    but he's not sure.
    yeah, he's thumbing his finger
    through his little black book.
    now here's one you ain't seen for a while.

    you know, the little french cutie
    with the little pretty smile.
    dial that number; flash all of your charms
    if you want that babe, that baby in your arms.

    i said, joe cool, well, he got that date.
    he showed up not a minute early, not a minute too late.
    he sais, "hey baby...here's a flower for you."
    she said, "come a little closer.
    i've got something for you, too."

    keep it light now...playin' by the rules.
    then she slaps him; he feels like a fool.
    he says "hey baby...what did you do that for?"
    she says, "you ain't called me
    in at least a year or more."

    he heads home...but he's no fool.
    he may not have a girlfriend but,
    at least he's cool...joe cool.

    joe cool...he'll be okay.
    just remember tomorrow is another day.
    oh yes...joe cool.

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