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  • propain'in the foul taste of freedom albumunden bayagi agresif ve gaz bir $arki.
  • klasik bir rock'n'roll dinleyicisi olan johnny'yi anlatan pro-pain şarkısı

    here's a story 'bout an american man
    who's always used to doin' things the best that he can
    he's got his wife, he's got his kids by his side
    you know he'd rather fuck you up then swallow his pride
    he's got his favorite band tattooed on his back
    we'll call him johnny, and johnny wore black
    dropped out of school because he loved the guitar
    we used to check him out at all the clubs and the bars

    he'd rather die on the outside, fight from within
    when everything was said and done he knew he would win
    he called the shots - and straddled the line
    we knew he was lost all the time
    (johnny black)

    the years had passed us and the crowd moved on
    we hadn't seen or heard from him in oh so long
    we never even thought to pick up the phone
    or to take the time to see if johnny was home
    he had a motorcycle parked in the yard
    which was always there for cruisin' when the times were hard
    he never had a need to follow the mass
    and he was all by himself as he stepped on the gas:
  • anarchist cookbook adlı filmde olayları boka sardıran kötü adam
  • tekme tokat giren pro-pain parçası.

    live @ w2 poppodium den bosch 2011