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  • suudi arabistan'da kadınlara ehliyet verilmesi konusunun işlendiği women2drive adlı facebook grubuna bırakılan arapça yorumlardan bazılarının ingilizce çevirileri:

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    "i’m not against women driving so much as the chaos that’ll occur."

    "if women tried simultaneously to direct their family’s upbringing, guide the nation’s moral education, and, on top of all this, drive a car — this country would record the highest mortality rates in the world."

    "the economists say that the money spent on car insurance for women will be at least ten times more than what is now spent on women’s transportation, private and public. and the notion is still raised! they say, “what does the west say about us? they’ve landed on the moon! let’s catch up!” the west did not get to the moon with women’s driving!"

    "it is obvious to any sane person that to empower women with driving will rob the man of his household role. this will increase the divorce rate —already high— and scatter families, children. girls will be lost, trampled by extortion."

    "what will i do after my sister is raped? sell her car to fix the situation? or cry that i didn’t drive her myself? do i commit suicide? i love my sister, my mother, and my wife, but i will not expose them to the considerable risk involved, compared with the relief of driving them myself."

    "it is the saudi man, with his intense love for his wife, who provides her with a chauffeur. and yet they reject this part of his charity and love."

    "a girl was riding an atv out in the open in the thumama desert. some young men caught up to her in their car, taking photos of her body and its charms. she screamed when they intercepted her, taking her by the hands to an unknown place. this story is not a fiction. it’s on youtube under the name “chasing girls in al-thumama in riyadh."

    kaynak: harper's magazine, november 2011

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    (bkz: islam/@derinsular)
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