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  • bir nils lofgren şarkısı. sanıyorum sanatçının nothing else matters'ı, ya da ne bileyim stairway to heaven'ı. en mainstream şarkısı. belki de en güzeli.

    sözlerini de vereyim tam olsun:

    this is a right away letter, ı've got to mail it today
    straight to my main inspirer, says 'urgent from the usa'
    ıt's got this heart inside it, the postage is my soul
    contains a message from millions, says 'keith don't go'

    ten thousand guitars wailin' but it ain't quite the same
    you've got a knack for sailin'
    and it's stamped with your own brand name
    we's all sailors, as captain you must know
    you bring a message to millions, says 'keith don't go'

    ı said keith don't go, don't take my fun
    keith don't go, keith don't go
    we miss our father jimi, it's hard to breathe with that loss
    but ı still got you brother, don't nail yourself to a cross
    ı watch you lead the pack, you put the drive into my soul
    you bring a message to millions, says 'keith don't go'
  • akustik severlerin dinlemesi şart nils lofgren eseri. i said keith don't go...