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  • eski atheist ve neurotica vokalisti.
  • ayrica guns'n roses elemanlariyla (slash,izzy,duff,matt) takildigiyla ilgili duyumlar aldim.
    atheist - guns ne alaka demeyin, bu camia sandiginiz kadar da buyuk diil dedigim buydu i$te.
  • hakkinda yapilan yorumlar (orijinal haliyle) $oyle:

    shaefer has some heavy hitters in his corner, including ac/dc vocalist brian johnson, who discovered neurotica in a sarasota club in 1995 and produced the band's first independent album, "seed."
    "from the moment i first saw kelly, i knew something was different about him," johnson said. "i still believe he has a huge future. it's a shame what happened with neurotica, but kelly has the ability to jump right back in the saddle."
  • ayrica $unlari soyleyerek takdir toplami$tir:

    what about the technical aspect of death metal ? the studio equipment right now offers much possibilities to make playing easier. things like the trigger technology for double bass playing and all these voice over effects give the releases a kind of technical touch which isn´t really coming from human ability. how do you see these technologies involved in hard metal music ?

    kelly: thats bullshit, technical music is not about making it easier, it´s about pushing yourself, pushing the boundaries of music, and to see where you can go with it, triggering drums is a lot like cheating in our book, sorry!!! if you practice you will not need that crutch. tons of vocal effects and all of that shit is not being technical, technical is to bend, and to scream, and feel, but in a manic, crazy way! hiding behind those things are a joke as far as i am concerned !
  • yanlış bilmiyorsam dünya tatlısı kızı otistiktir. ama kendisi tmuhteşem bir örnek baba olarak, kerametin dinde değil insanda olduğunu herkesin çatır çutur yüzüne çarpmıştır. nereden mi biliyorum, facebookta çok aktif kendisi.