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  • rachel: and besides, i... you know, i think he really likes you. (ross'tan bahsederek)
    pizzaci kiz: really?
    rachel: well, you know, we have 7 people and, like, 10 pizzas, what do you think?
    pizzaci kiz: i just... i thought joey was there.
  • monica: i can't decide between lamb or duck.
    chandler: well, of course, lambs are scarier. otherwise the movie would've been called silence of the ducks.
  • monica: all right people, we're in trouble here. we've only got twelve hours and thirty-six minutes left! move, move, move!
    chandler: monica, i feel like you should have german subtitles.
  • genellikle chandler karakterinin replikleri arasından çıkan replikler
  • joey ile rachel bi çanta hakkında konusmaktadır. joey cantanın çok feminen oldugunu iddia eder;

    rachel- no, unisex
    joey- i dont need sex, i've just had sex yesterday
    rachel- no, i mean u* n * i *-sex
    joey- (pis pis sırıtarak )ok!!
  • chandler janice ile bozuşmuştur. ross ve rachel dan yardım ister. olaylar gelişir:

    chandler: okay, well. janice said 'hi, do i look fat today?' and
    i looked at her....
    ross: whoa, whoa, whoa. you looked at her. you never look. you just answer, it's just a reflex. do i look fat? nooo! is she prettier than i am? noo! does size matter?
    rachel: nooo!
    ross: and it works both ways.
  • monicanın mezuniyet videosu izlenmektedir:

    jack geller: there she is.
    joey: some girl ate monica!
    monica: shut up! the camera adds ten pounds.
    chandler: ahh, so how many cameras are actually on you?
  • ross: you know what? i'd better pass on the game. i'm just gonna go home and think about my ex-wife and her lesbian lover.
    joey: the hell with hockey. let's all do that.
  • chandler janiceden ayrılmaya çalışmaktadır:

    joey: why do you have to break up with her? be a man. just stop calling