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  • ingilizcede ölmüş insanlardan bahsederken de kullanilir... misal albert marion, late prof. of physics gibi
  • ayni zamanda bazi californialilarin (bkz: orange county) telefonu kapatirken sarfettikleri kelime. later yerine kullanilir.
  • barbie
  • the valley of the shadow of death albümünden çok güzel bir the tossers şarkısıdır. grubun solisti tony duggins daha sonra kendi solo albümünde de seslendirmiştir bu parçayı. hakan taşıyan'nın hazin geliyor'u kadar etkili bir parçadır.


    it's oh so late, are you asleep?
    there's not a sound, so it's time for me to dream.
    the window pane, late city scenes,
    so far away from where i was weaned.

    there was a girl so long ago,
    all through the park at night we go.
    all just as late as it is now,
    two discontented, a young one's vow.

    i'm here for you, only to adore you.
    you mean everything to me.
    and you're with me wherever i go,
    and i miss you everywhere i go.

    well, goodbye to old friends,
    i watched you go.
    from where i sit now, i still say hello.
    all the memories gone by, those that i couldn't call.
    an eternal divide, the distance too long.

    dead as a mackerel.
    dead as a door.
    dead as a nail, but never a bore.

    always good for a laugh.
    always good for a shout.
    always good for a memory when the lights are out.
  • helsinki doğumlu producer. 2010 da phantom papers isimli bir ep çıkardı. burial sevenler kaçırmasın.

  • aynı zamanda dawson's creek dördüncü sezon on dokuzuncu bölümünün adı.
  • müteveffa, merhum.
  • ben folds'un elliot smith'e yazdığı şarkı.

    under some dirty words on a dirty wall
    eating takeout by myself
    i played the shows
    got back in the van and put the walkman on
    and you were playing
    in some other dive a thousand miles away
    i played a thousand times before
    and like pathetic stars, the truck stops and the rock club walls
    i always knew
    you saw them too
    but you never will again

    it's too late
    don't you know
    it's been too late
    for a long time

    elliott, man, you played a fine guitar
    and some dirty basketball
    the songs you wrote
    got me through a lot
    just wanna tell you that

    oh no
    things were looking up
    least that's what i heard
    oh no
    someone came and washed away your hard-earned
    peace of mind

    when desperate static beats the silence up
    a quiet truth to calm you down
    the songs you wrote
    got me through a lot
    just wanna tell you that
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