• hakkinda bir cok teori olan bir kavram/olgu/eylem. bunlardan 50 tanesi:
    act* (j. anderson)
    adult learning theory (p. cross)
    algo-heuristic theory (l. landa)
    andragogy (m. knowles)
    anchored instruction (j. bransford & the ctgv)
    aptitude-treatment interaction (l. cronbach & r. snow)
    attribution theory (b. weiner)
    cognitive dissonance theory (l. festinger)
    cognitive flexibility theory (r. spiro)
    cognitive load theory (j. sweller)
    component display theory (m.d. merrill)
    conditions of learning (r. gagne)
    connectionism (e. thorndike)
    constructivist theory (j. bruner)
    contiguity theory (e. guthrie)
    conversation theory (g. pask)
    criterion referenced instruction (r. mager)
    double loop learning (c. argyris)
    drive reduction theory (c. hull)
    dual coding theory (a. paivio)
    elaboration theory (c. reigeluth)
    experiential learning (c. rogers)
    functional context theory (t. sticht)
    genetic epistemology (j. piaget)
    gestalt theory (m. wertheimer)
    goms (card, moran & newell)
    gps (a. newell & h. simon)
    information pickup theory (j.j. gibson)
    information processing theory (g.a. miller)
    lateral thinking (e. debono)
    levels of processing (craik & lockhart)
    mathematical learning theory (r.c. atkinson)
    mathematical problem solving (a. schoenfeld)
    minimalism (j. m. carroll)
    model centered instruction and design layering (a.gibbons)
    modes of learning (d. rumelhart & d. norman)
    multiple intelligences (h. gardner)
    operant conditioning (b.f. skinner)
    originality (i. maltzman)
    phenomenonography (f. marton & n. entwistle)
    repair theory (k. vanlehn)
    script theory (r. schank)
    sign theory (e. tolman)
    situated learning (j. lave)
    soar (a. newell et al.)
    social development (l. vygotsky)
    social learning theory (a. bandura)
    stimulus sampling theory (w. estes)
    structural learning theory (j. scandura)
    structure of intellect (j. guilford)
    subsumption theory (d. ausubel)
    symbol systems (g. salomon)
    triarchic theory (r. sternberg)
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  • learning is finding out what you already know.
    doing is demonstrating that you know it.
    teaching is reminding others that they know it just as well as you.
    you are all learners, doers, and teachers.
    richard bach
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