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  • dibine kadar kasvet ve umutsuzluk iceren, hayatin acimasiz gerceklerini yuzumuze vuran spanish love songs sarkisi. sozlerini de yazalim ne dedigimiz anlasilsin:

    staring like a stranger from the dirt field
    across from my childhood home.
    noticed how out of place ı looked there.
    now it’s a place ı can’t afford.
    when my family lost it back in ’08
    ı swore it was just a setback.
    all we needed was to graduate,
    and keep ignoring facts.

    “don’t you know you were born to die poor man?
    don’t you know that you’re gonna do yourself in?
    and you’ll always wake up tired
    cause there’s nowhere we go from here.”

    stuck working at that third job driving
    well-meaning moms to protests for minimum wage.
    still depressed.
    still living for the weekend.
    still terrified to die at your age.
    no cancer. no crash.
    ıt better all go as planned.
    or one day soon you’re not gonna get by.
    know damn well there ain’t no promised land.
    the cost of living means
    the cost to stay alive.

    they’ll say these are our exciting days.
    at least until they ask our age.
    now ı’m just a walking tragic ending.
    ı don’t want to be the last one standing.

    so ı’m leaving the city.
    maybe the country.
    maybe the earth.
    gotta find a place of my own.
    where fuck ups aren’t cops
    patrolling neighborhoods they’re afraid of.
    and the rest of us won’t burn out
    displacing locals from neighborhoods
    we’re afraid of.
    know if we weren’t bailed out
    every time by our parents
    we’d be dead.
    what’s gonna happen when they’re dead?