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  • barbara kruger'in 4 parca textden olusan provoke yapitinin adi. evlilik yemini, vatan-millete baglilik andi gibi malzemeleriyle bir nevi ozgurluk ve adaleti sorgular.
  • bon jovinin sevilen bir sarkisi. basindaki inlemeler cogumuza ilham kaynagi olmustur.
  • bon jovinin new jersey albumundeki parcası..

    well i wake up this morning i rolled out of bed
    i felt like a dog who's been kicked in the head
    checked out my mail there was letter that read
    love for sale, love for sale

    i picked up the phone i called everyone i could
    i let my fingers do the walking through the telephone book
    you can't catch a fish if you ain't got the hook
    love for sale, love for sale

    send up a signal throw me a line
    somebody explain " this funny valentine"
    it might not be signal but it sure ain't a crime
    i'm one step from crazy and two steps behind

    i called lt. columbo from my tv set
    i've tried the dating game i haven't found her yet
    i'm hoping that she's looking like a penthouse pet
    love for sale, love for sale


    we've been living together 3 years,
    2 hours, 20 minutes maybe four houndred beers
    you can't shop for love when you're shopping at, sears
    love for sale, love for sale

    i guess i've learnt my lesson it was easy to see
    my old lady she played this joke on me
    i never looked where i forgot it would be
    love for sale, love for sale
  • her dinledigimde, kendimde anormal icki icme istegi uyandiran, harika bir motorhead parcasi.
  • motorhead'in "snake bite love" albümünde yer alan harika parça:

    love for sale

    looking good, stepping out, looking for romance
    crazy arms, crazy legs, save me the last dance
    hold me tight, make me warm, give me shelter
    treat me right, in from the storm, helter skelter
    you know the way, the game is tough
    need some motivation, to help you get it up

    cause it's only, love for sale,
    heart of gold and hard as nails
    i can't believe it's legal,
    to send it through the mail
    only love for sale

    call me up, call me back, call me what you want to
    shoot your shot, shoot the moon, nothing that you can't do
    all for me, one for all, shoulder to shoulder
    here and gone, sure like to ball, rock n' roller
    you know the way, stuff goes around,
    you need a half nelson, to help you get it down

    rip it up, rip it out, shake your money maker
    feels so good, in and out, real earth shaker
    get up close, stroke your bones, get a grip babe
    take a trip, take me home, feel the earth shift babe
    you know the way, so get it right
    you don't need an airplane, to get you through the night
  • boney m'in ikinci albumu.. ma baker ve belfast'i kazandirmistir diskolarimiza.. ccr hiti have you ever seen the rain cover'iyla birlikte..
  • (bkz: love for sail)
  • joshua redmanin timeless tales (for changing times) albumunden dinlendirici bir parca.
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