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  • pink bubbles go apeden bir helloween şarkısı

    here is all mankind so proud of their achievements
    there is a stone that is warmer than you
    look how we stand in the stream of illusions
    no one says a word
    here you laugh and there you cry
    all that makes you move
    there's no fear for anything
    anything but you
    animals dying for our vanity
    our world is a beautiful place to be free
    drinking the blood of the weak, it's so easy
    no one hears them cry
    here you cheat and there you lie
    all that makes you gain
    one day we will face his throne
    there's nothin' we can say
    prosperity, luxury, fast food is rising
    it's the rainforest that dies
    here you laugh and there you cry
    all that makes you move
    here you cheat and there you lie
    all that makes you gain
  • 18. melek olarak biçimlendirilmiştir. (bkz: evangelion) (bkz: nerv) (bkz: humanis) (bkz: angel of life)
  • diary of dreams'in one of 18 angels adli albümünün 3.parcasi.


    mankind is suffering a severe instability
    my friend you know, i swear, this was never written
    we are not alone, but we are left by ourselves
    we thirst for water, we hunger for a bite to eat

    what is this faith for?
    ...if there is nothing to believe in?
    what is this world for?
    ...if there is nothing to adore?

    i can feel the warmth of the dying sun upon my face
    i can see the bloody circle diving into the horizon
    deeply in love with the gloom disappearing
    to leave me on my own
    what is it that i can do to make this moment last forever?

    for mankind! - this is mankind!
    mankind! - this is mankind!

    what is this world without you in it,
    without you giving it its colors?
    what is that feeling
    that conquers me once you are gone,
    i feel forgotten!
    how can i be so naive,
    so ignorant to think you really care!
    watching the world around me change its ugly faces,
    yes this is mankind!
  • pearl jaminkinin ilk iki akoru blink 182'nin all the small thingsi gibidir. e tabii ki stone baba daha önce yazmıştır bunu. eğlenceli, güzel bir şarkıdır, söylemesi de çok zevklidir, deneyiniz.
  • stone gossard'in hayatinda seslendirdigi kaydedilmis 2. sarkidir. 1.si cok inat etmesi uzerine dont gimme no lip olmustur. lost dogs'da bulabilirsiniz onu da..
    anliyoruz ki stone biraz punk ruhlu bir abi.
  • (bkz: mick foley)
  • (bkz: humankind)
  • tr. insanlık