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  • star wars da imparatorun casuslarindan ve sevgililerinden biri. dark side tarafinda aldigi egitim imparatorun olmesiyle yarida kalmis, luke skywalker ile evlenmistir sonraki bolumlerde. kizil sacli muhtesem yaratik.
  • dark horse dan cizgi romani da cikmis bir karakter.
  • starwars karakteri. by the emperor's hand olarakta gecer. aslen imparator bunu neutral olarak egitiyor. ve dogrunun imparatorluk gucleri oldugunu gosteriyor. soyleki savas oldugunda eger rebel olmasaydi simdi bu kadar olu olmayacakti gibisinden. cizgi romanlarinida okurken bir an icin hangi taraf iyi hangi taraf kotu sasiriyorsunuz. ve hatta kaptirip "evet eger imparatorluk yonetiyor olsaydi burda bolluk ve duzen olacakti ama rebel yuzunden aclik ve sefalet var" dedirten dusuncelere sahip hatun jedi, imparator bunu kizi gibi sever ve vader ile bir tutulmayacak olsada ozel casuslugunu yaptigindan kelli imparator icin cok onemli bir silahtir. imparator oldukten sonra bununla temasa geciyor ve vader ile luke'un ortaklasa oldurduklerini soyluyor bu sayede luke'a dusman ediyor mara'yi. daha sonra luke ona dogrulari gosteriyor ve evleniyorlar falan ama tabiki gosterdikleri eger "mara jade by the emperor's hand" cizgi romanini okuduysaniz dogru degil yanlis gibi gelir ama sadece episode 7-8-9 dan sey ettirdiyseniz luke'unkuler dogru gelecektir.
  • nick'imin sahibesi. luke skywalker'ın karısı. kızıl saçlı ve gözünü budaktan sakınmayan güzel kadın.
  • jedi knight isimli oyunun mysteries of sith isimli expansion'ının ana karakteri; pembe 1 lightsaber sahibi jedi bayan.
  • (bkz: siri tachi)
  • [spoiler warning for those who have not followed mara throughout the expanded universe.]

    taken away from her parents as a young girl, mara jade knew nothing of her early life.
    the emperor took and trained her as his force sensitive assasin, the emperor's hand.
    mara's special ability was to hear palpatine's call anywhere in the galaxy, and to comunicate through
    the force with him. jade reveled in her position, loving all the power she possesed.
    after the emperor's other apprentice, darth vader, failed to kill luke skywalker at bespin,
    mara was ordered on to the job. she masqueraded as one of jabba's dancers on tatooine,
    watching as skywalker and his friends showed up at the palace. her first attempt to kill skywalker failed,
    so she tried to come on board jabba's royal barge to cross the dune sea and prevent skywalker from escaping.
    when jabba wouldn't allow her to come, she knew she had failed the emperor for the first time in her service.
    she hurried on to her next mission. a few days later, when the emperor was killed, she was devestated.
    emperor palpatine sent her a vision through the force as he was dying.
    he showed skywalker and vader ganging up on him, lightsabers held high.
    and just as they brought their blades down to strike him, mara saw only palpatine's face,
    and he said: "you will kill luke skywalker!" jade's world was shattered.
    she busied herself fulfilling one of the emperor's final commands;
    to assasinate the leader of the black nebula crime organization.

    when she had accomplished this, mara spent the next four and a half wandering all over the galaxy
    taking odd jobs to support herself. mara took on many aliases to keep herself from becoming well known.
    karrinna janisih, marellis, and celina marniss, a hyper drive mechanic on tropis-on-varant.
    it was while she was celina that her life changed. two men came to the place where she was working,
    asking to have the hyperdrive fixed on their ship uwana buyer. one of them was syndic pandis hart,
    the other captain seol. when they got into trouble and seol was killed, mara had to rescue hart.
    as they were flying away from the planet, hart found out mara's real identity,
    and mara discovered that 'hart' was really top smuggler talon karrde.
    for five and a half months, mara worked for karrde, and became indispensable to his organization.
    she was glad to be useful again. however, the emperor still haunted her in dreams where she watched
    his last moments over and over. the dreams always ended with the words "you will kill luke skywalker!"

    imagine her surprise when she and karrde picked up a distress signal from an x-wing starfighter,
    and who was inside but luke skywalker himself. and to her surprise, over the next few months she found herself
    saving his life and him returning the favor more than once. but she was still haunted by the emperor's words.
    she and karrde had been drawn into the fight against the tactical mastermind grand admiral thrawn and his imperial forces.
    in a final confrontation with thrawn's jedi ally, an insane clone called joruus c'boath, c'boath unleashed
    a clone of skywalker that had been grown from the hand he had left behind at bespin.
    in what followed, mara killed the clone and c'boath, thus freeing herself from the emperor's last command.
    later on coruscant, skywalker presented mara with the lightsaber he had lost at bespin,
    and tried to convince her to come to become a jedi.

    mara had proved herself as a friend and ally to the new republic, and she took over karrde's operation after
    thrawn had been defeated. she was head of the smuggler's alliance when skywalker opened a jedi academy on yavin 4.
    she visited for a short time, but did not stay long.

    over the years, mara had much contact with the new republic. she provided information regarding the emperor's
    plans to wipe out the children of the jedi. she also brought a message to leia at a trade conference
    on corellia concerning the starbuster plot, and later helped leia escape from confinement there.
    there were also rumors that she was briefly involved with lando calrissian, which turned out to be strictly
    a business relationship.

    ten years after she had met luke skywalker, mara had to rescue him once again,
    as he tried to escape from the asteroid base of the cavrilhu pirates.
    later, when mara went missing in the nirauan system, luke went to look for her.
    he soon found her, and they continued the mission mara had been there for in the first place.
    they discovered a powerful weapon, a remnant grand admiral thrawn's species, the chiss,
    and an old clone of the grand admiral himself. it was a close shave, but they finally did escape.
    luke reflected on mara and his' time together, and proposed marriage. mara accepted.

    after their marriage, luke gave mara a new ship, the jade sabre.
    soon, a new threat arrived. they were the yuuzhan vong, and they came from another galaxy.
    at about the same time, mara jade skywalker came down with a deadly disease.
    there had only been a few cases of it so far, but all who had contracted it had died soon after.
    mara, however, had the force, and she was fighting for her life, refusing help from luke or anyone else close to her.
    even with this support, all her victories were small, until the tears of a creature named vergere helped her signifigantly,
    almost curing her. mara recently discovered that she was pregnant with luke and her first child.
    she is already very protective of her young one.

    written by stoja leesa
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