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  • tindersticks sarkisi..
  • 3d studio max de en sik kullanilan texturelerdir.
  • peter pan mitosundaki wendy'nin karde$ine verilen nickname.
  • 26 nisan 2004'de piyasaya sürülmesi planlanan ve 2 cd'den oluşacak olan marillion albümü...
  • her haircut, she looked what she'd made her

    in that dress growing ever tighter
    it was saddening the lengths she had gone to
    to appear more attractive
    in the process losing something
    we never knew but still missed

    you knew you were lost as soon as you saw her
    you saw your life as a series of complicated dance steps
    impossible to learn, they had to come naturally
    together you squirmed and wriggled
    and i could only jerk along behind


    they're going to hurt you

    they always will

    she is now with me, inside of you
    and i could only stare wide-eyed
    as everything closed in around the three of us
    things you never saw, talking of the power and rescue

    that were rushing through our body

    and it's good


    she opened the door his face bruised and swollen
    before he knew, pushed, falling down curved stairs
    our message lost and our plans forgotten
    surrounded by men in suits, and black shiny shoes
    moving in, kicking, stamping
    bland expressionless faces
    a handful of marbles thrown in a dustbin
    memories, memories (??)


    in a northern town there were amazing rows of
    standing stones arranged on the southern slope
    they got out in the last few seconds of consciousness
    look for their inscriptions one day,
    the most distant ocean plains,
    those who make the desert island
    i saw you in a tin bath in red water
    were the ones who went to washington to do their laundry
    they wanted to see the mysterious hurricane
    i never believed in new york,
    or where you intended to stand
    but we don't actually want to see the shipwrecked
    i just had to go
    they came
  • henüz piyasaya sürülmemiş ancak parçaları şu şekilde belirlenmiş marillion albümü...

    cd 1
    01 - the invisible man
    02 - marbles i
    03 - genie
    04 - fantastic place
    05 - the only unforgivable thing
    06 - marbles ii
    07 - ocean cloud

    cd 2
    01 - marbles iii
    02 - the damage
    03 - dont hurt yourself
    04 - youre gone
    05 - angelina
    06 - drilling holes
    07 - marbles iv
    08 - neverland
  • sonunda basımı tamamlanan ancak henüz piyasaya çıkmamış olan marillion albümünde 4 bölüm halinde yer alan (eminim ki harikadır) parça... albümde sözler tamamen steve hogarth'a aitmiş, john helmer bu sefer söz yazımına katılmamış...

    marbles i:
    did anyone see my last marble
    as it rolled out, and over the floor?
    it fell through a hole in the corner
    of a room in a town on a tour

    it's lonely without your last marble
    i miss it not rattling around
    as i lie in my bed
    there's a space in my head
    where there used to be colours and sound...

    marbles ii:
    when i was a child i had marbles
    they brought admiration and fame
    they were pretty to look at
    and marbles
    was always my favourite game

    we played all the summer days
    in the stony alleyways
    in the playground after class
    we would trade the coloured glass
    more valuable than diamonds
    more magical...
    did anyone see?
    does anyone see?

    marbles iii:
    there were almost four hundred
    until the black day
    i discovered how high
    they would fly to the sky
    if you used them for tennis instead of a ball...

    zinging glass satellites
    crueller than fate
    whacked with a racket up into the blue
    i'd smashed all the greenhouses on the estate
    and a crowd formed a queue at the gate...

    marbles iv:
    that was almost the end
    of my marbles
    confiscated. - i choked back the tears
    i hung onto a handful of favourites
    that disappeared over the years

    did anyone see my last marble
    i swear that i had it before
    sometimes i think
    i should go see a shrink
    in case he can find me some more

    did anyone see my last marble?
    i had saved it to give it away
    since i was a youth
    now i don't have no proof
    only words
    only words
    only words.
  • hrvatski nin swarm and dither albumundeki en iyi sarki. demo gruplarinin muziklerini animsatio bol bol.
  • stuart staples 'ın oooooooooo they're going to hurt you ve oooooooooooo they always will derken gecemize renk kattığı enfes tindersticks parçası ...
  • hogarth'ın, marillion'da ipleri iyice eline aldığını gösteren yeni marillion şaheseri. muhteşem sözler, olağanüstü vokaller.. davul ve bas gitar performansları dışında herşey muazzam. the invisible man ve neverland klasik olmaya aday parçalar.