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  • marcel hanoun, 1929–2012 arası yaşamış tunus doğumlu bir yönetmen.

    özellikle dört mevsim dörtlemesi ilgimi çekti:

    l’été (1969)
    l’hiver (1969)
    le printemps (1972)
    l’automne (1973)

    film yılları vizyon tarihini baz alan imdb'ye göre alınmıştır. aslında birer yıl öncesidir filmlerin çekim yılları.

    "l’été" için şunlar denmiş:

    --- spoiler ---
    after the event of may1968, a young woman shelters in the country, in a house where she waits for her partner.

    “…‘who creates? and for whom?’ what is important is that hanoun does not answer these questions in a grandiloquent way. on the contrary, far from showing a series of dramatic actions, he focuses on the in-between moments in the life of his beautiful young protagonist. he plays with fragments of the scene, reframing the image, using frames (doors, windows, a mirror as a tableau vivant) and all of this confronts the viewer with a sort of catalog of repetitive acts, where drama and character development are absent. these moments characterized by their pure banality end up permitting the real subject to slip through the cracks of the narrative… a whole series of scenes, sequences, images, that any other director would have cut, eliminated, removed, because they contributed neither to the narrative’s suspense nor its climax, nor to its dramatic progress, but which, because of the distance established, permit hanoun to reveal the key, the meaning of his film: the confrontation, the controversial relation between desire and reality. ın this way, the questions — who creates? and for whom? — are reformulated in a more precise way: what one wishes for and how one seeks to change reality to satisfy this desire.”

    -nacho cagiga
    “the ınner look. marcel hanoun’s cinewriting”
    --- spoiler ---

    uygun bir zamanda bu dörtlemeyi izlemek için vakit yaratmam gerekiyor bu sıkışıklıkta!
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