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  • salon dergisinde justin elliott imzasıyla yayınlanan arabic for right-wingers başlıklı makalede medrese kavramının doğru ve yanlış kullanımları şöyle aktarılmıştır:

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    the term: madrassa

    how it's used: to refer to a place where muslim youth are indoctrinated into radicalism and, often, terror

    example: "i am very concerned that the school will be a madrassa, funded by taxpayer dollars. we will in effect be supporting the training of future terrorist cells." -- opponent of a proposed arabic-themed new york school

    what it actually means: a place where teaching, studying and learning take place. in early centuries, "madrassa" came to refer to a school of higher studies (college or university) where islamic sciences were taught. today, the term is also often used more broadly. like the term "school" in american english, it can refer, for example, to a university, seminary, college as well as primary or secondary school. in recent years, the term has taken on a negative connotation, and for some simplistically equated with militant madrassas or schools in pakistan and elsewhere. while they certainly exist and are dangerous training grounds, they represent a relatively small number of the institutions/schools that are referred to as madrassas.

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    (bkz: islam/@derinsular)
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