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  • nana mouskouri'nin live at herod atticus - 1984 albümünde yer alan, sözleri yannis ritsos'a, bestesi mikis theodorakis'e ait şahane şarkısı.

    ingilizce sözlerini de yazalım, tam olsun:
    may day you abandoned me
    a may day i lose you
    spring my son you cherished it
    and you were coming up to

    the sun room and you gazed at
    and with no end in sight
    you used to milk with your two eyes
    the light of humankind

    narrating you were to me
    sweetly warmly n' mannish
    what not the number of the sea
    shore's pebbles do not suffice

    and you were saying all of these
    goods will be our own
    and now you're gone and burned out is
    the fire and our glow