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  • çok güsel bir orphaned land şarkısı.. (paradise lost un tribute albümden..)
  • orphaned land'in konserde* sadece sazla çaldığı parça..
    sözleri de $öyledir:

    you live for times of solace
    within a sign there's a promise
    don't lose all faith cause you shake at night
    it's in the art of the process

    in another rhyme, beyond this place
    the healing's fast enough...
    done a thousand times, a thousands ways
    until you've had enough

    it's mercy you're asking for, cheating life by taking more
    it's mercy you're asking for, take my life or give me more...

    the loss of prize possessions
    to cure the mind's obsession
    could trade your soul for that normal life
    elite to all objections...

    see beyond all tears, and broken years
    your senses giving up
    lose all confidence at your expense
    your courage swallowed up
  • as we die for paradise lost adlı tribute'taki orphaned land yorumu gerçekten çok başarılı olsa da belirtmek lazımdır ki
    aslen paradise lost'un 97 tarihli one second albümünün 4. şarkısıdır.
  • (bkz: oh mercy)
  • sözleri ayrı güzel, kendi ayrı güzel paradise lost şarkısı.
    in another rhyme, beyond this place
    the healing's fast enough
  • gerçekten çok güzel şarkıdır bu. orjinali.
  • orjinali de orphaned land cover'ı da oldukça başarılı olan paradise lost şarkısı. cover versiyonunda şarkıya saz ile girişi duyduğumda kısa süreli hafıza kaybına yol açmıştır ayrıca.
  • tender prey albümünden bir nick cave and the bad seeds şarkısıdır. yanıklığını sevmişimdir oldum olası.

    stood in the water
    in the middle month of winter
    my camel skin was torture
    i was in a state of nature
    the wind, sir, it was wicked
    i was so alone
    just as i predicted
    my followers were gone

    and i cried `mercy'
    have mercy upon me
    and i got down on my knees

    thrown into a dungeon
    bread and water was my portion
    faith - my only weapon
    to rest the devil's legion
    the speak-hole would slide open
    a viper's voice would plead
    thick with innuendo
    syphilis and greed

    and she cried `mercy'
    have mercy upon me
    and i told her to get down on her knees

    in a garden full of roses
    my hands, tied behind me
    my cousin was working miracles
    i wondered if he'd find me
    the moon was turned toward me
    like a platter made of gold
    my death, it almost bored me
    so often was it told

    and i cried `mercy'
    i cried mercy on me
    cried `mercy'
    have mercy on me
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