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  • "geceyarısı"nın ingilizcesi.
  • psikopat joe satriani şarkısı, şarkı baştan sona tapping* çalınmıştır...
  • forgotten realmsde times of troubledan sonra mystranın yerine gecen super karizmatik buyucu hatun.
  • benzer teknikle çalınmış bir parça olarak (bkz: amazing guitar)
  • dean r koontzun bill gatese benzettigim bir teknoloji devinin psikopat planlarını konu alan kitabı.
  • (bkz: midnight star)
  • red hot chili peppers in by the way aalbumundeki 9. sarki...

    things will never be the same
    still i'm awfully glad i came
    resonating in the shape of things to come
    never waiting when i knew there's only one.

    messed it up but rest assured
    no one ever thinks they're cured
    just a minue while i reinvent myself
    make it up and then i take it off the shelf

    pre chorus:
    over the laws of light
    over the moon by midnight
    let's do it all this time
    everyone wishing well we go

    everyone knows anything goes
    we are the lotus kids
    better take note of this
    for the story

    the rising moon is on the shine
    the blood of scorpios and nine
    like the fear that's in eyes of every doe
    say it now cause john and jane would like to know

    is it safe inside your head
    songs to serande the dead
    all along i said i know no enemies
    mix it up until there are no pedigrees

    pre chorus


    pre chorus

    enter the rolling tide
    over the ocean so wide
    let's do it all this time
    everyone wishing well we go

    chorus x3
  • trans siberian orchestra'nın 2000 yılında çıkan beethovens last night albümünün ikinci parçası... twist rolündeki jamie torcellini'nin seslendirdiği parçanın sözleri...

    and in the dark he sits alone
    to watch his final hours bleeding
    while unconcerned upon the wall
    the clock it ticks away the time

    no need for words for in the dark
    all words have long since lost their meaning
    still when they whisper in his ear
    he tries to read between the lines

    what i see in the night
    what i feel in your heart
    all your dreams all your lies
    can you tell them apart

    see the hands on the clock
    are you watching them turn
    for your candle is quite low
    we've been watching it burn

    do you lie here awake
    as the shadows look on
    should they cry for your sake
    should you sleep in their arms

    for the shadows see all
    and they rarely forget
    every dream that you've had
    every act you regret
  • blindside adli isvecli grubun damar sarkilarindan biri.
    sozleri ise soyledir:

    fast lane, sane, insane this world is running
    and i'm walking with a cane
    seek, seek you can be unique
    but whatever you do don't let your inside out
    but i've got to take a leak

    and i know you're alive
    and you know i will always try
    i could never care less about
    what this world has to offer if the price is to die
    i'll keep my human spirit alive

    man i'm so weak
    come on over here i'll let you have a peek
    inside my heart cause you're the one i seek
    i know i'm slow but wherever i go
    i hear your steps echo

    and i know you're alive
    and i'll give my heart to survive
    this world has nothing to offer a human soul
    reaching for the sky
    so father of light
    keep my human spirit alive

    will i try to hide away in the secret space of my heart
    will i try in time
    will i try with my feet on the ground of shadows
    but my hands towards the light
    will i try in time

    your eyes
    are always there
    your eyes
    are what i came for

    your eyes
    drive away my fear
    your eyes
    i could just stand there and adore

    stop just right there
    everything has to stop to steal time
    for whom i want to be near
    yes i do care and i love the love we share

    and i know you're alive
    i'll give my heart to survive
    this world has nothing to offer a human soul
    reaching for the sky
    so father of light
    keep this human spirit alive

    will i try...

    seems there is nothing to remind me of peace down here
    so how come that all i feel is joy
  • ilk dinlediğimde nedense üzerimde deftonesvari bi etki bırakan blindsideın harika şarkılarından biri. diğeri için (bkz: pitiful)