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  • helloweenin better than raw albumunun sonunda yer alan,cok sevdigim,andili donemde grubun yaptigi en iyi parca kanimca.ozellikle cift bas olayi ayri bir tad katmi$tir $arkiya.
  • 21 haziran günü kuzey kutbuna yakın yerlerde güneşin hiç batmaması. iskandinav ülkelerinin en büyük turist çekim nedeni
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    tried so hard to understand all of your feelings
    tried to cope with your insanities
    come to think about too many ways of healing
    what we lost or maybe never had
    one small step into the hidden decoy
    one more word is help and one will destroy
    i woke up in the midnight sun
    so aware damage has been done
    agony or sanctuary
    only fate will show the way
    from the bright of day into the jaw of darkness
    one is shoved, a victim of a lie
    friendly face turns into a fiery grimace
    suddenly feelings learn to die
    used up sympathy no chance to return
    to a world one knew but wounds that will burn
    spent more time in the midnight sun
    still aware of what else has gone
    agonized and hypnotized
    when will i be shown the way
    fell asleep and no midnight sun
    still aware justice has been done
    no more doubts but disbelief
    when the night was day
    celebration, miracle
    and fate did show the way
  • they've stolen the moon
    the magic has gone
    and there in this place
    a black midnight sun
    the darkness is frightening
    and love is denied
    they've stolen the moon
    god only knows why

    the stars have lost their daughter
    the devil's thieves have won
    and there in her place

    a black midnight sun
  • aynı zamanda bi jazz standardıdır bu. beste johnny mercer, sonny burke, ve lionel hamptona aittir. ella fitzgerald yorumu bi harikadır.

    işte sözler de şahane buyrun:

    your lips were like a red and ruby chalice
    warmer than the summer night
    the clouds were like an alabaster palace
    rising to a snowy height
    each star its own aurora borealis
    suddenly you held me tight
    i could see the midnight sun

    i can't explain the silver rain that found me
    or was that a moonlit veil?
    the music of the universe around me
    or was that a nightingale?
    and then your arms miraculously found me
    suddenly the sky turned pale
    i could see the midnight sun

    was there such a night?
    it's a thrill i still don't quite believe
    but after you were gone
    there was still some stardust on my sleeve

    the flame of it may dwindle to an ember
    and the stars forget to shine
    and we may see the meadow in december
    icy white and crystaline
    but oh my darling always i'll remember
    when your lips were close to mine
    and i saw the midnight sun
  • duran duran'in medazzaland albumunden, ucuk sozlere sahip, keske hic bitmese dedirten bir sarki :

    as i watch you flicker slowly in the shadows nothing to hold
    it's as if i don't recall our time before and would it be so wrong
    not to remember
    there are times i look at you differently like i've never seen you before
    if only after all we've done that you could be someone i don't know at all
    don't know you at all
    catch me i don't wanna fall
    but you pull the mountain from under me look i'm dangling up in the blue
    and it's a cartoon coyote eternity before i drop down to you
    what am i supposed to do now
    there is something beautiful shining in the far off night of your head
    if only for awhile it seem to come from the sky but it's in your head
    yes it fills your head
    you and i don't always fly let me go i wanna fall deep into the dark
    but i got back to you and i'll always know how to find you coz you shine like the midnight sun
  • helloween olanı saçma sapandır
    sabahın köründe durduk yerde lan arkamdan bunu söylerler mi acaba diye ağlatır
    gerçi ben olsam ölenin arkasından yumejis theme mırıldanırdım ama bağlantı nerde bilmiyorum
  • asia grubunun 1983 tarihli ikinci albümü alpha'nın b yüzünde yer alan, güzeller güzeli bir şarkı. sözlere gelince;

    as far as the eye could see
    from the horizon to infinity
    static forces down the line
    connecting voices talking rhymes

    can’t decode nor can define
    the signal’s perfect indicates a sign

    midnight sun
    guiding light
    take the eye
    go skimming
    across the sky

    as far as the eye could see
    communications were all down
    connecting voices in the air
    new formations moving sound
    then came what i could not explain
    i felt a hand turned ‘round and saw a face
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