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  • kalmah'un 2006 da çıkarttığı the black waltz albümünde bir parça.

    in the eyes of the watcher the gleam of flames
    reflecting pictures of the years gone by
    time makes no difference the sleep won´t come
    and tomorrows daylight is hiding around

    this lonely mind, eyes still awake
    taking a swig now and then
    poking the fire with the rod
    seeking the truth behind the blaze
    where lost all the glory days?
    vanity just remains in his own wishing well

    has learned to fear the fire of life
    has burned his hands so many times
    in the shelter of smoke he is feeling home

    mindrust - watching the embers
    time passes his eyes in flow
    grand failure, betrayal, denial
    the pain to swallow
    tarred waiting to burn
    the glow stays until it fades
    dying weeping and slow
    before the rain comes falling

    so the fire does not forever burn
    and before the rain he has to learn

    the lesson of life we all have to die
    ashes only stays under our names
    if believed kingdom come before all is gone
    is the chance to reborn who´ll need the fire?

    gives him protection from the outside world