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  • açılımı memorial control ultra. 1950'li yıllarda cia'in yürüttüğü, insan zihnini kontrol etme ve dönüştürme operasyonudur (bkz: mind control). çeşitli davranışsal modifikasyon teknikleriyle hafızaları değiştiğinde ne olduğunu görmek için insanlara yaşadıkları şeyleri unutturmak ve normalde yapmadıkları şeyleri yaptırmayı amaçlanıyordu. program çerçevesinde, durumdan habersiz kişiler üzerinde gizli deneyler yapıldı. bu deneyler sırasında 2 kişi öldü. bu sadist projede dünyaca ünlü psikiyatristler ve harvard da dahil 80 den fazla üniversite yer aldı.
  • ülkemizden adnan oktar ve hasan mezarcı gibi birçok şahsa uygulanmış deneyler zinciri.
  • (bkz: big brother)
  • meraklısı için bir takım detaylar:

    warning: incoming wall of text. this is one of my favorite subjects.
    the hardest thing for anybody under the age of about 50 to remember, when thinking about mk-ultra, is that the discovery of lsd violated at least two scientific principles that 'everybody knew' prior to the 1940s. the first is that chemicals interact with the human body, well, chemically, by dissolving into and chemically interacting with every cell in an organ -- so 'everybody knows' that there can't be such a thing as a chemical that does anything interesting with a dosage measured in tenths or hundredths of a milligram. (receptor-site biochemistry depends on a scientific breakthrough that is only about 30 years old.) and the second thing that 'everybody knew' since victorian times is that memory, thought, and consciousness are primarily electrical phenomena, not chemical. so when psilocybin and lsd were discovered, you had a lot of deeply interested scientists who had no underlying theory as to how these drugs worked.
    nor did they have any useful model, any useful language, to describe what the drugs even did. the original theory they came up with was that the drugs were psychoto-mimetic, which means "mental illness replicating" -- they thought that they had the effect of duplicating some existing mental illness, while arguing among themselves as to which one. but there was a competing theory, and that's where we get our word "psychedelic."
    psychologists had already discovered that core personality traits are hard to change, are highly resistant to change even if the person wants to change them. so there was a theory that personality is formed based on environmental inputs, but only during times of what they called "imprint vulnerability." and there were scientists who believed that drugs like lsd and psilocybin work by duplicating the chemicals that the body naturally produces at different stages of life to prepare you for the next stage in life by creating an "imprint window" where you can acquire the personality traits you'll need when transitioning from, say, infant to toddler or from teenager to adult.
    now, here's where the cıa gets involved.
    during and after the korean war, the us got back some pows who had confessed to having seen evidence of us war crimes against civilians in korea. nobody was surprised; people say anything under duress. but even after they came home, some of those former pows continued to insist that they had seen evidence of us war crimes against civilians in korea. and since "everybody knew" there were no such war crimes, the question came up: what happened to these people? and so when the cıa mistakenly "found out" that the soviet union had ordered tens of kilograms of lsd, they made a guess that soviet scientists had found a way to use high doses of lsd to "wash" the existing personality out of someone's brain and insert a new personality, with whole new allegiances and whole new memories: "brainwashing."
    (there were no tens of kilograms of lsd. the agent who saw the purchase order didn't know the "mu" symbol meant micro, so he wrote down "ten thousand kilograms" instead of "ten thousand micrograms.")
    and so it became a top cıa priority to reverse-engineer the process. and they hired a scientist named sydney gottlieb to run the project, which they called mk-ultra. his hypothesis? brainwashing works by combining psychedelic drugs, total deprivation of autonomy, electro-convulsive therapy, and alternating periods of sensory deprivation versus sensory overload, to "re-infantalize" the subject -- in other words, to erase every personality imprint since they became a toddler. they would then attempt to use psychedelic drugs plus hypnosis to imprint the new, more compliant personality and new memories.
    what they found was that if you render somebody completely helpless, dose them with psychedelics, shock their brain repeatedly with electricity, and subject them to sensory overload and sensory deprivation, you can, in fact, erase big chunks of their memory and quite a bit of their personality. but it doesn't grow back, and you can't implant a new one. you just end up with a badly broken and at least partially infantilized human being.
    ın the intervening decades, we have discovered that psychedelics are mostly just dopamine re-uptake inhibitors, that there is no such thing as an "imprint vulnerability window," there is no such thing as brainwashing, and oh, yeah -- the reason that some us ex-pows say that they saw evidence of us war crimes against civilians in korea is that there were some us war crimes against civilians in korea. oops!

    oh, there's more. familiar with the book or the movie the men who stare at goats?
    during the cold war the soviets had amazing luck finding our spies in moscow, so much so that the fbı suspected that there was a mole either in the cıa or in fbı counter-intelligence. but the cıa turned up a top-secret soviet science report that said that it wasn't a mole, it was psychics -- the soviets had managed to find and enhance people with psychic abilities, telepathy and clairvoyance, and that was how they were finding our spies.
    so they went to sydney gottlieb over at mk-ultra and asked, "can this be true?" because gottlieb's reports had said that many psychedelic users were quite confident that they had developed esp abilities from using lsd or mescaline or psilocybin. so gottlieb said, sure, let's find out ... and recruited test subjects that he thought might have psychic potential and fed them hallucinogens to see if that enhanced their psychic abilities.
    turns out that the soviet science report was a deliberate leak. they didn't have a clairvoyant. they had access. robert hanssen, a top-ranking fbı counter-intelligence specialist was burning our spies in exchange for money. just like in season one of marvel's agents of shıeld, ironically. but the cold war was so crazy, and our spies were so convinced that the soviets were ahead of them in super-science, that big chunks of our counter-espionage apparatus actually thought it was more plausible that the soviets had lsd-enhanced psychics than that we had a traitor.

  • cia başkanı richard helms tarafından başlatılmıştır. mk ultra projesi' nde görevli biyolojik silah uzmanı frank olson 28 kasım 1953' te kendisinden habersiz içkisine karıştırılan lsd' in etkisi altındayken manhattan' da bir otelin 13. katından atladı. ailesi olson' un gerçek ölüm nedenini 22 yıl sonra mk ultra ile ilgili bilgiler ilk ortaya çıkmaya başladığında öğrendi. mk ultra belgelerinin büyük bölümü richard helms' in emriyle 1972' de yok edilmiştir. bu nedenle insanlar üzerinde zihin kontrol deneylerinin gerçek boyutu tam olarak ortaya çıkmamıştır.
  • cia in 1950 lerde başlayıp 1960 ların sonuna kadar yürüttüğü projedir. buna göre insan zihninin belirli ilaçlar ve elektronik sinyaller kullanılarak kontrol edilmesini amaçlamaktadır. mk harfleri bu araştırmanın üst düzey bir araştırma olduğunu ultra kelimesi de cia için çok önemli bir proje olduğunu gösterir. proje, önce kore savaşı sırasında alınan esirler üzerinde denense de asıl amaç gelecekte cia in belirlediği kişilerin eylemleri üzerinde denetim sağlamaktı. bu araştırmanın temeli project chatter a dayanmaktadır. mk ultra nın başlatılma emrini cia in ilk sivil direktörü allan dulles dı. 13 nisan 1953 günü başlatılan projenin başında da dr. sidney gottlieb vardı.

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