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  • the pierces'in gectigimiz ay yayinladigi creation'dan hos bir sarki.

    the pierces - must be something

    sarkinin girisi su sekilde...

    you don't have to say you are sorry
    all the lights are getting blurry
    cry yourself to sleep
    and in the morning we can start it over

    say your prayers and count your blessings
    turn away as you are undressing
    all the girls with your eyes you have been
    because they will never know you

    held down by the devil's hand
    dressed up like a gentleman
    you got me crying out every time
    there must be something wrong
    lights on in the middle of the night
    ıf ı give a little more will it make it right
    you know ı'm trying, in the end
    there must be something wrong

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