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  • "my girl"un 1994 yapimi devam filmi.
  • varlığını http://www.youtube.com/…cvqkva1uoia&feature=related şu video ile tesadüfen öğrendiğim ama hala gerçekliğinden emin olamadığım film
  • (bkz: yavrum 2)
  • madness isimli britanyalı ska/pop grubunun one step beyond albümlerinden fevkalade parçadır. mike barson tarafından yazılmış ve 21 kasım 1979 yayınlanmıştır.



    my girl's mad at me
    i didn't wanna see the film tonight
    i found it hard to say
    she thought i'd had enough of her
    why can't she see
    she's lovely to me
    but i like to stay in
    and watch tv on my own
    every now and then

    my girl's mad at me
    been on the telephone for an hour
    we hardly said a word
    i tried and tried but i could not be heard
    why can't i explain
    why do i feel this pain
    cause everything i say
    she doesn't understand
    she doesn't realise
    she takes it all the wrong way

    my girl's mad at me
    we argued just the other night
    i thought we'd got it straight
    we talked and talked until it was light
    i thought we'd agreed
    i thought we'd talked it out
    now when i try to speak
    she says that i don't care
    she says i'm unaware
    and now she says i'm weak