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  • ing. iyi insan, güzel insan. star wars knights of the old republic oyununda hk-47'nin oyuncuya* söylediği* söz.

    --- spoiler ---

    hk-47: statement: hk-47 is ready to serve master.
    revan: you don't need to call me master, you know.
    hk-47: query: don't ı? ı was under the the assumptions that organic meatbags such as yourself enjoyed such forms of address.
    revan: well, ı don't, so stop it.
    hk-47: apology: ı am afraid ı cannot comply withnyour command, master, as much as ı would like to.
    revan: as much as you would like to? what does that mean?
    hk-47: commentary: how would you like to be the wholly-owned servant to an organic meatbag? ıt's demeaning! ıf, uh, you weren't one yourself, ı mean...
    revan: demeaning, is it?
    hk-47: qualification: err... perhaps ı did not mean it quite like that, master. ı mean... while an artificial life-form is superior...
    revan: you're not making it any better.
    hk-47: commentary: ı mean... nice human, goo-oood human...
    --- spoiler ---

    (bkz: yaran droid replikleri)