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  • ankarada bir radyo kanali. cumartesi aksamlari super underground ve trance calar.
  • jacobsun kafeinsiz hazir kahvesi. kotu bir tadi vardir, zaten kafeini de yoktur. geriye ne kaldi derseniz kavanozunun etiketi cok guzeldir.
  • cole porterin hayatini anlatan film ve filme adini veren cok guzel bir bestesi.
  • cole porterın güzelim parçası. standartlara geçmiştir, çok meşhurdur,herkes söyler.. hemen sözlerini yazalım ayıp olmasın..

    night and day , you are the one
    only you beneath the moon and under the sun
    wheather near to me or far
    it's no matter darling where you are
    i think of you night and day.
    day and night why is it so
    that this longinig for you follows where ever i go.
    in the roaring traffics boom,
    in the silence of my lonely room
    i think of you night and day.
    night and day under the hide of me
    there's an oh such a hungry yearning burning inside of me.
    and it's torment won't be through
    'till you let me spend my life making love tou you day and night
    night and daaaayyy...
  • (bkz: day and night)
  • bu şarkıyı tracey thorn öyle bir söyler ki içinizden kayar gider. jaz elbette diye slogan atasınız gelir. hüzne de gider neşeye de, sezen cumhur önal edasıyla "ılık bir yaz yağmuru gibi" allah sizi inandırsın. şiddetle tavsiye ederim.
  • celine dion'un when i need you adli parcasinda gecer.. sarkinin bu kismi soyledir:

    when i need love
    i hold out my hands and i touch love
    i never knew there was so much love
    keeping me warm night and day
  • (bkz: light and gay)
  • ayrıca bir the good life sarkısı. buyrun:

    i know a girl with cuts on her legs. i think that she hates the way she was made, but we never spoke of why they were there, i just squeezed them and kissed them ‘til we both felt a bit better.

    and now i’ve returned to the town where she dwells; that small lonely cabin her grandfather built, i suppose that’s where she’s imprisoned herself, to write all those words she’s too scared to tell – those sad, short stories of a girl curled up in her shell.

    night and day she tends to the bar. she pours the drinks, they pour out their hearts. all that sorrow and alcohol weighs hard on her thoughts, so she writes them down….she loves them all.

    and when we’d make love she’d stare in my eyes…. i swore we had met a thousand times. thousands of lives, thousands of nights…. she’d written of it a thousand lines.

    night and day she tends to her bar. she pours me a drink for my parched heart. all my sorrow’s in alcohol… she holds up the cup to my cracked lips for a kiss.