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  • şarkının diğer adı anti-human manifesto dur.
    bu da sözleri:

    you are the ones that will free us from colours
    that will free us from words
    squeezed in the rock of existence
    we never experienced anything else
    mind, moment, spark-there's nothing
    the weight of this world breaks my spine
    so maybe emptiness completes existence?
    does something that never was exist?
    destroy, change- you are unable
    hatred, fear, frustration- laughter
    is it possible to be in the temple of nothingness?
    world is you, you're the eternal everything
    never-always, one- nothing
    you think that destruction is the way
    let your own pain be the answer
    for nothingness, for non-existence in emptiness
    being for not being, religion of black hole
    did we find already:
    can something that never was give us an answer:
    what you truly hate is a part of you
    world without move, we flow in substance
    devoured by perfect entirety
    homogenous millions of perfect shape