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    we cannot quit
    our souls together they're just too strong
    just because you believe that it's wrong
    i've found myself writing this song

    please trust me baby
    all of my life i've waited for you
    to make this dream-like love come true
    i needed nobody but you


    wise men can be wrong
    all good things come to an end but not us
    if we become one
    2nd turn* (together we shine)
    even death itself cannot do us parts
    2nd turn* (we shine just like the sun)


    i cannot decide to set aside
    i just need you here by my side
    all we've got to do is to hold on tight
    but you cannot see there's no need to hide

    bridge & finale

    close your eyes
    love has got ya hypnotized
    drowned in the pain of lies
    feels like you have been paralized
    love wouldn't rape your thoughts
    if your soul is sanitized
    no need to hide from love
    2nd turn* (no need to die)
    love can have you energized
    2nd turn* (love can have us energized)
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